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Department ofMathematics and Computer Science


George W. Evans II Memorial Prizes

Established in 1972 by the family and friends of the late George W. Evans II, professor of mathematics at Santa Clara University, these awards are given to the student(s) placing highest in the William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition. A second award may be given to the student(s) judged most outstanding in mathematical writing and research by a panel of mathe­matics consultants.

Past Winners: Rebecca E. Glover (2006); Kathleen P. O'Reilly (2007); Sharif Elgamal (2008); Dennis Fong (2009); Colin Hagemeyer (2010); Eric Kittlaus (2011, 1st place), Colin Hagemeyer (2011, 2nd place), Wesley Engers (2011, 2nd place); Eric Kittlaus (2012, 1st place), Stephen Michael Miller (2012, 2nd place), Nikolas Jones (2013, tie); Eric Kittlaus (2013, tie), Stephen Michael Miller (2013, tie), Brandon Young (2013, tie); Nathan Matsunaga (2014, tie), S. Michael Miller (2014, tie), Brandon Young (2014, tie), Matthew Holmes (2015, 1st place), Julian Bliss (2015, 2nd place), Cody Berdinis (2015, 3rd place); Collin Walther (2016, 1st place), Anne Hsia (2016, 2nd place), Nicholas Fong (2016, 3rd place), Tim Shur (2017, 1st place), Nicholas Fong (2017, 2nd place), Anne Hsia (2017, 3rd place tie), Oras Phongpanangam (2017, 3rd place tie), Tim Shur (2018, 1st place), Beau Hsia (2018, 2nd place tie), Sinclair Chen (2018, 2nd place tie).

George W. Evans II Research Memorial Prize

First awarded in 1980, this was founded by the family and friends of the late Dr. George W. Evans II (who taught at SCU from 1966 to his death in 1972). It is given to the student(s) considered to have excelled in research during his or her undergraduate career. This prize is not awarded every year.

Past Winners: Kevin P. Dyer (2006, 2007); Rebecca Glover (2008); Victor Garcia (2010); Austin Alleman (2012), Colin Hagemeyer (2012), Quynh Nguyen (2013), Vanessa Casalegno (2014); Matthew Holmes (2015), Raya Yong (2016), Jennifer Young (2017).

First-Year Mathematics Prize/Abe P. Hillman Prize

Established in 1958, this annual award is given by the faculty of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science to the freshman student who demon­strates excellence in mathematical study and achievement, determined by a competi­tive examination each spring.

Past Winners: Brittany Markert & Kathleen O'Reilly (2006); Rachel Witte (2007); Vincent Newell (2008); Colin Hagemeyer and Samuel Pontrelli (2009); Caitlin Hendricks, Eliza Brenna (2nd place), James Adolph and Eric Kittlaus (3rd place) (2010); Stephen Michael Miller, Nikolas Jones (2nd place) and Ben Demaree (3rd place) (2011); Sandeep Adem & Brandon Young (1st place tie) and Alex DeBoni (3rd place) (2012); Michael Franco (1st place), Sarah Youlton and Edward Manzarraga (2nd place tie) (2013); Jonathan Fortescue (1st place), Brynn Sargent (2nd place), Robert Bayer (3rd place) (2014); Hanxiao He (1st place), Justin Meeken (2nd place), Nicholas Fong and Alexander Seto (3rd place tie) (2015); Walter Liu (1st place), Wilder Boyden and Anne Hsia (2nd place tie) (2016), Angela Shao (2017, 1st place), Lyman Shen (2017, 2nd place), Sinclair Chen (2017, 3rd place), Pratul Saini (2018, 1st place), Justin Liu (2018, 2nd place), Shaunak Mashalkar (2018, 3rd place).

Paul R. Halmos Prize

This prize is awarded to the senior student or students with an outstanding academic record judged to have distinguished themselves in mathematics or computer science beyond the standard course work.

Past Winners: Jose F. Acain (2006), Thomas Wong (2008), Kathleen O'Reilly (2009), Molly Schatzel (2010), Vicent Newell (2011), Colin Hagemeyer (2012), Austin Alleman (2013), S. Michael Miller (2014); David Nola (2015); Jessica Velasco (2016), Sydney Akers (2017), Ryan Johnson (2018).

The Robert P. Balles SCU Mathematics Scholars Award

An annual prize of a minimum of $1,000 is awarded to the Mathematics major entering his/her Senior year with the highest cumulative GPA in Mathematics courses completed in the student’s first three years at Santa Clara University, as determined by the Chair of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.

Past Winners: Jose F. Acain (2005-06), Filipe Miranda (2006-07), Rebecca Glover (2007-08), Kathleen O'Reilly (2008-09), Molly Schatzel (2009-2010), Wesley Engers (2010-2011), Colin Hagemeyer & Yi Dennis Ding (2011-2012), Amanda Taylor (2012-2013), Richard Schulte (2013-2014); Sarah Youlton (2015); Sydney Akers (2016); Xindi Sun (2017).