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Department ofMathematics and Computer Science


Math Conference at SCU

In early March, the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science hosted the Mathematical Association of America’s annual regional meeting (we are the Golden Section). The conference organizer was Corey Irving. The meeting included five talks, accessible to a general mathematical audience, one of which was given by Nikki Meshkat on her research. The event included a poster-session displaying work done by undergraduates including our own Jennifer Young and Timothy Shur. There was also a mathematical art show including works by Frank Farris and our undergraduate Juli Odomo (the latter created the image above). The students Tyler Pham, Sai Panneerselvam, Kieran Rege, and Oras Phongpanangam all volunteered to make it a great day. The department is grateful for the support of the Dean’s Office for this event.

Image provided by artist Juli Odomo, an SCU undergraduate.