Yaël Dayan Reflects on Working Toward Peace

What we have to do is just follow in the footsteps of Anwar Sadat, of my late father, Moshe Dayan, and of Yitzhak Rabin. Those who were assassinated, those who devoted their lives to the one peace possible, believed in a homeland for all peoples and the equality and dignity of human beings, not the expression of false weapons and power. It is possible.
My father as well as Anwar Sadat and Yitzhak Rabin have all been great heroes at war and maybe it takes the heroism of war to know what the price of peace is. It is necessary to understand the real price of war in order to understand what we gain by signing peace. . . .

We can really turn this part of the world again into the fertile crescent, again into a source of so much that is of humanitarian value, and be a contribution to the world the way that Anwar Sadat saw it and the way that Yitzhak Rabin saw it. We are not going in any way to reward their assassins. We are going to prove them wrong. We are going to carry on in their footsteps.



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