Markkula Center of Applied Ethics

Creating the A+ Classroom

Success in school is more than learning math, language arts, history, and science. Developing the complete person requires both academic instruction and character education.

Teachers can learn about character education at the Markkula Ethics Center's second annual Ethics Camp. The five-day program includes sessions on how to teach ethics, become an effective role model, facilitate character development, and incorporate ethics into the core curriculum.

This year, the Ethics Center offers K-12 teachers six camps to choose from. The fee for each session is $500 plus $35/night for room and board. For more information or to register for a session of Ethics Camp, contact the Center at 408-554-5319 or e-mail

June 21-25
Reading Ethics-Children's Books
for elementary teachers, focusing on character education through classroom literacy and language arts
Building Character and Social Thoughts, Values, and Behavior
for educators working with at-risk students in alternative, special, correctional, and general education programs

July 12-16
Moral Development-Ethics and Catechesis
for educators in Catholic and similar religious schools
Understanding Lifestyle Change- Dealing With Patterns of Opposition
for teachers, counselors, and administrators working with at-risk
students, particularly juvenile offenders

August 2-7
Ethics in the Core Curriculum
for first-time and general participants interested in building character education into the classroom or the school as a whole
Ethics in the Challenging Curriculum
for those who have attended previous camps, focusing on science, health, and biotechnology, as well as GATE and AVID programs