Markkula Center of Applied Ethics

Markkula and Shanks on Mercury Millennium List

Center Advisory Board member A.C. "Mike" Markkula and Director of Business and Public Policy Programs Thomas Shanks were chosen to be listed among the San Jose Mercury News Millennium 100: 100 individuals "who made Silicon Valley what it is today." In the category of "spiritual guides," Markkula and Shanks were commended for their work at the Ethics Center. The article reads:

These two friends care deeply about the state of ethical conduct in the frenzied money- and power-fueled world of high technology. A co-founder of Apple Computer, Markkula provided the first $1.5 million in seed money for an ethics center at Santa Clara University in 1986 because he feared Silicon Valley was developing a generation of ‘‘ethical agnostics.’’ It operates off his endowments and carries his name: The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics. As executive director from 1992 to 1999, Shanks elevated the center into the region’s philosophical standard-bearer for teaching the value of ethical conduct–not only in high technology, but also in the health industry, government, banking, public service and other disciplines.