Markkula Center of Applied Ethics

SCU Honored for Encouraging Character Development

Santa Clara University made the 1999 Templeton Guide, Colleges That Encourage Character Development, featuring many programs of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics.

SCU was selected as one of 405 exemplary programs in two categories: Faculty and Curriculum, and Student Leadership. The Faculty and Curriculum citation highlights the Center as "the natural outgrowth of an institution committed to moral debate and consideration in all fields and professions." Center programs profiled in the guide are Ethics Camp, Leadership Through Ethical Action and Development, Student Performers Involved in Character Education, and Student Reflection Leaders. The Reflection Leaders program, co-sponsored by the Center for Student Leadership, is also cited in the Student Leadership section.

Intended for high school students, parents, guidance counselors, college administrators, faculty, trustees and alumni, the Templeton Guide recognizes programs that represent the best practices in the field of character development during the college years. The program was chosen through a highly selective process that considered

  • Clear vision and statement of purpose
  • Significant and stable institutional resources
  • Strong character-development dimension
  • Evidence of positive impact
  • Impact on a significant percentage of students
  • Integration of program into the core curriculum