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Visitor Information

All are invited to come visit SCU's student chapel.

The Mission is open from 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week.  Be aware that we are an active church and numerous events take place within the Mission.  Enter quietly and respectfully so as not to disturb others inside.  Periodicly, rare closures to the public may occur for maintenance or special events, however, these notices will be posted in our Mass Schedule when applicable.


You may also want to contact us ahead of your visit to see if ther are any conflicting events that may inhibit your ability to freely tour the interior of the Mission.

Mission Santa Clara is located at the heart of the Santa Clara University campus.  Stop by the guard's kiosk when you enter the University to obtain a FREE Visitor's Parking Permit (required only Monday through Friday).  

Parking Permits are NOT required on the weekends.

Enforceable hours: Monday through Friday from 6am to 8pm.

Unfortunately, Mission Santa Clara does not operate a dedicated gift shop.  

However, the University's Campus Bookstore does sell a number of items of interest.  The Bookstore is located in Benson Center, a 5 minute walk from the Mission Church.

Mission Santa Clara does not offer guided tours.  Self-Guided Walking Tour pamphlets can be downloaded from our website for your convenience.  You can also pick one up from our Visitor's Corner when you visit.  

As ornate as the interior of the church is, don't overlook the outside of the Mission for its shared historical significance.  The Mission's exterior and surrounding grounds still feature many artifacts, plants, and remnants of the Mission era.  Your Self-Guided Walking Tour will share more about these special features.

Before ending your visit, make sure to stop by the de Saisset Museum located just adjacent to the church to view their California History Exhibit.  Their collection houses and displays numerous Mission era artifacts.

*Schools and class groups can arrange guided tours through the de Saisset Museum by calling 408-554-4528

Visiting the Mission is FREE!

The walled-off Rose Garden adjacent to the Mission Church is not accessible to the public, and commemorates the thousands of Ohlone, Californios and Rancheros who are still buried here.  You can view the Rose Garden Cemetery from the old porch steps.  Please do NOT climb over the cemetery walls.

The Mission is a very active place, particularly on the weekends.  Should you happen to visit while an event is taking place, feel free to peruse the outside first, and then explore the inside once the event has concluded.  Always enter quietly and respecfully so as not to disturb a mass, wedding, concert or other event.