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MOBI Grows Partner Program

MOBI Partners Logo

MOBI Partners Logo

MOBI Grows Partner Program and Expands the Reach of Free Entrepreneurial Education

MOBI collaborates with organizations all over the world to reach more students and inspire and empower entrepreneurship through free online education. MOBI welcomes several new partners to its collaborative and affiliate programs.

In recent months MOBI has added several new partners to its program, in both the collaborative and affiliate categories, extending free entrepreneurial education to new communities of learners near and far.

MOBI partners are an important part of its mission to help create jobs and support community growth through free entrepreneurial education, and this recent growth propels the mission farther forward. By forming partnerships with diverse communities of students around the world, MOBI can inspire entrepreneurship in ways that best meet the specific opportunities and address the unique challenges of each group.

“We are honored to collaborate with these inspiring organizations striving to make a positive impact in their communities,” said Drew Starbird, Ph.D., executive director of MOBI and professor of Information Systems and Analytics at Santa Clara University. “Through our robust partnership program, MOBI is able to discover and reach new audiences that can benefit from our free, online entrepreneurship training to create and pursue business opportunities.”

MOBI currently offers two types of partnerships: collaborative and affiliate. Collaborative partners are those organizations for whom MOBI develops a co-branded interface, partner-specific login, and customized course. In addition, these partners can observe or manage their participants’ progress in the MOBI course, often through cohorts or groups that pursue the course together. Collaborative partners include community colleges, technical and vocational training centers, nonprofit organizations, high schools, NGOs, and other groups.

Affiliate partners are those organizations that refer their communities to the MOBI courses on their websites or through other communication. Affiliate partners often require or suggest an educational component or entrepreneurial training as part of their own programs, and they find it helpful to refer their participants to MOBI’s free, online, and self-paced curriculum. Affiliate partners include state self-employment assistance programs, regional economic development programs, funding programs, and more.

All MOBI partners share its mission of helping people build and create opportunities for themselves and their communities through entrepreneurship. Education is a cornerstone to this mission.

The new partnerships formed in recent months, include:


Bluefield WV Economic Development Authority

Chicanos Por La Causa (CLPC)

Collaboration Station

Fifth Wave

Junior Achievement of Northern California

Provisional Accelerated Learning Academy (PALS)

Trade Like a Girl Foundation (KISS)

SCU Ciocca Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship /Quick Start Entrepreneur

SCU Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education /Yacanex Community/Lanzando



Hello Alice


Opportunity Fund

YourNextU bySoutheast Asia Center (SEAC)

Start Us Up


Visit the MOBI Partnerships page to view the entire list of MOBI partners and to learn more about our partner programs.


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