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Opening & Marketing Your Business - Business Plan

Download Section 13: Opening and Marketing

Section 13: Opening and Marketing


Marketing Plan

(Session 13): Describe your overall marketing and sales strategy including how you plan to get and retain customers.




Advertising and Promotion Plans

(Session 13): Describe your plans and budgets for advertising and promotions.




Purchasing and Inventory Control

(Session 13): See “how to buy” checklist.




Training Policies

(Session 13): Describe your plans for hiring and training your sales associates.




The Competition

(Session 13): Describe your strongest competitors and how you intend to compete.




How I Plan to Take Advantage of Competitors Weak Points

(Session 13): List your competitor's shortcomings and how you can capitalize on them.



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Download Section 13: Opening and Marketing

Opening and Marketing (Section 13) Download