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Adventurous Woodworking

Adventurous Woodworking

Adventurous Woodworking

Building a solid business one step at a time

Owner/Founder: Jared Fenske

Location: Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Business description: A thoughtful designer with a great imagination, Jared creates custom and original furniture, cutting boards, frames and plaques. Adventurous Woodworking is known for pieces that are sleek, tasteful, and one of a kind. 

How it got started: Jared began woodworking as a hobby soon after he started his engineering career.  With some simple pieces, he eventually gained confidence and progressed in difficulty.  Then his life changed!  When Jared’s wife became pregnant, he decided to make a bedroom set.  Even with all the hustle of having a child, he was able to get a couple of the pieces completed before his son Bryson was born.  Jared continued woodworking as a hobby, but after 10 years as an engineer, he found himself at a crossroads: stay with the security of his engineering career or take a chance and follow his passion.  With a supportive family, Jared decided to take the plunge into woodworking full-time after his wife’s corporate relocation to Omaha. For Jared, all it takes is to find that one stunning piece of wood, and he feels the need to make it the centerpiece.  With so many types and variations of wood available today, Jared gets great joy sharing his work with others.  He expressed, “I like to think that I show respect to the tree and its wood by using the best woodworking techniques so that the pieces last for generations.”  

How the My Own Business Institute course helped: “IMPACT Group’s Career Consultant Jim Wojtak introduced me to the My Own Business course. I was offered spouse career transition support as part of my wife’s corporate relocation benefit and took advantage of it. I read several “How-to Books” on business but found the My Own Business curriculum to be most helpful. Jim’s one-on-one coaching provided the support I needed during the entire business planning process. The step-by-step instructions in the My Own Business workbook helped me form the company and complete the business registration process. I have a plan now and am growing the business slowly and steadily while sharing my passion with others!” –Jared Fenske


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