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Almani success story

Almani success story

Almani Farms

Sales take flight when local farmer grows niche market

Owner/Founder: Jebran Almani

Location: Karachi, Pakistan

Business description: Founded in August 2013, Almani Farms began producing farm-raised quail and quail eggs in the metropolitan city of Karachi. In the early stages, the farm had a monthly production of 200 quails. Experiencing an impressive growth rate over two years, the farm now produces 15,000 quails per month. As well, its product line has expanded to include ostrich eggs, chicken eggs and organic chicken eggs. The company now has two employees: one dedicated to production operations and the other on sales development. Currently operating with a direct sales model, poultry and eggs from Almani Farms can be enjoyed throughout Pakistan at hotels and restaurants and purchased at popular super stores.

How it got started: Mr. Almani’s entrepreneurial spirit took the reins as he evaluated his options to launch his own small business. Using unused wood on his property, Mr. Almani built and sold birdcages to raise money to launch Almani Famrs. Already a recreational bird keeper, Mr. Almani had a good idea of the operational requirements as he attempted to scale his hobby into a full-fledged business.  

How the My Own Business Institute course helped: Mr. Almani searched for resources and programs to guide his entrepreneurial journey. Locally, he was unable to identify a network of small business owners from whom he could glean best practices and common “dos and don’ts”.   He found the free MOBI curriculum on the Internet and discovered the framework he needed. Mr. Almani shared, “I think MOBI’s lessons are basic and easy to understand. Every young entrepreneur or start up can minimize their struggles if they take the MOBI courses about entrepreneurship.”




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