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Events By Anna-Marie

Events By Anna-Marie

Events By Anna-Marie

Turning passion into profit: Events By Anna-Marie

Owner: Anna-Marie Ezekwuka

Location: Austin, TX, USA

Business description: “Events By Anna-Marie” is an events planning boutique specializing in creating lasting memories. Owner Anna-Marie Ezekwuka helps her clients plan and coordinate weddings, corporate affairs and life event celebrations. Focused on creating the best possible experiences for her clients, Anna-Marie also offers a special service for her brides-to-be. She helps brides prepare for their big day with her “Get Fit and Feel Your Best with Anna-Marie” offering. This “GIFFY-BAM” program sets her apart and creates a truly unique, personal and special celebration for her clients.

How it got started: After relocating to Austin, TX with her husband, Anna-Marie had the opportunity to chart a new course in her career. To determine the direction of her new venture she sought advice from Jim Wojtak, entrepreneurial coach with IMPACT Group. Jim suggested Anna-Marie enroll in MOBI’s “Starting a Business” course as a foundation for their ongoing discussions. Anna-Marie’s passion for helping others and bringing people together, along with the exercises and learning MOBI provided, led her to establish “Events By Anna-Marie.”

How the My Own Business Institute course helped: Anna-Marie came from broadcast communications and was starting this business from nothing. MOBI gave her direction and provided a step-by-step roadmap. She learned how to write a solid business plan and gained knowledge about the best way to establish and run her business. One of the most important lessons Anna-Marie learned from MOBI was the value of a niche offering. MOBI challenged her to identify something unique and special she could offer. This led Anna-Marie to include the “Get Fit and Feel Your Best with Anna-Marie” or “GIFFY-BAM” program. “Events By Anna-Marie” continues to grow, GIFFY-BAM is a success, and Anna-Marie is gearing up for her first destination wedding.

“There are a hundred ways you could begin when starting a business, MOBI gave me direction and set the pace,” Anna-Marie said of her experience.




Twitter: @aezekwuka


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