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Success Story Just Falafel 760x550

Success Story Just Falafel 760x550

Just Falafel

Two families come together for a taste of franchise success

Owners/Founders: Mohamed Chaaito, Adnane Chaaito, Kevin Shoaito, Maroun El Chartouni, Joseph El Chartouni

Location: Fremont, California, USA

Business description: Two American families were living abroad when they observed the rising popularity of Just Falafel, a fast casual restaurant. Rapidly growing from a single location in Dubai to franchise locations in eighteen countries, the menu at Just Falafel features a large selection of freshly prepared vegan and vegetarian dishes, as well Middle Eastern-inspired chicken and beef options.

How it got started: Knowing that one of the fastest growing concepts in the restaurant industry over the last decade has been the fast casual restaurant, the Chaaito and Chartouni families decided to open the first North American franchise of Just Falafel. Keeping in mind the standardized menu, the location needed to be in a community where diners may prefer or require vegan and vegetarian options and where health-conscious dining was already in practice. So, in the summer of 2014, the families opened their doors in the San Francisco Bay Area suburb of Fremont, a thriving and ethnically diverse community with a hankering for international flavors and an appreciation for high quality, healthy food.

How the My Own Business Institute course helped: While other Just Falafel owners touted the successful franchise model, Mohamed Chaaito knew success was not a guarantee - especially launching in an unchartered region. And while business ran through the veins of everyone in the family, no one had pursued business academically. Mr. Chaaito shares, “When I saw that MOBI offered a certificate program, it was “game on”! MOBI helped me learn how to run a business through organization, finance and management. The curriculum taught me how to handle problems before and after they happen. Knowing that one success can lead to another, I went on to complete the second course, Business Expansion, as we hope to open more locations. Without a doubt, MOBI is part of my personal business success.”

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