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Thoroughly Modern Cleaning

Thoroughly Modern Cleaning

Thoroughly Prepared for Business

MOBI helps a single parent and long-time stay-home mom in Virginia fill in the gaps in her business and pursue a course for growth

How it got started:  Millicent (“Millie”) Sweeney, owner of Thoroughly Modern Cleaning, Inc. in Virginia, admitted that she “muddled along” with her business for the first few years. She had started a successful cleaning business, based largely on word-of-mouth referrals, which she ran with one employee while raising her child. She began to wonder whether and how she could grow, and if she was taking all the right steps in managing her business. “I didn’t know what I didn’t know,” Millie says of that time.

Millie had previously worked for a cleaning company and loved the work as well as the interaction with homeowners and businesses. When she became a single parent after 23 years as a stay-at-home mom, she knew she needed to quickly generate income. It was easy for her to decide on a cleaning service, a business that she had experience in and truly enjoyed. She researched the licenses, permits and operating laws she needed to be compliant in her state, and she jumped in.

Time to grow:  Three years later she realized that she had an opportunity to grow her business. Millie began looking for resources to help her. She found MOBI and took the free online .

“This is the first course I’ve completed, even though there are many available, free, and online. I completed this course because it was interesting, presented information in a readable and understandable format, and caught and held my attention for all fifteen sessions. It was never dry or boring, and everything in the course is relevant to someone who is thinking about starting a business.”

How the My Own Business Institute course helped:  Millie says her biggest takeaway from the course is that the business plan is completely essential for a business. The business plan defines the starting point and provides a roadmap for future success. She feels her business plan will be a valuable tool for meetings with lawyers and accountants as she pursues her modest growth goals. Marketing and accounting were two other key areas of interest for Millie. The MOBI course gave her ideas for reaching new clients and managing her business in this next phase.

MOBI advocates creating a unique value proposition for your business, something the competition does not offer. When asked what sets Thoroughly Modern Cleaning apart, Millie responds, “It is a very small and personal business, so we try to show that we truly care about what the customers want and what they need. We are very thorough and part of our customer service commitment is that we always do just a little bit more than expected.”

Millie is excited about the ideas MOBI gave her and the opportunities ahead for her business. She says she loved the course so much she might even go for a business degree down the road.

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