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Success Story ZASH

Success Story ZASH

ZASH Commercial Services Africa Ltd.

Entrepreneur takes the express lane to drive growth in competitive transportation business

Owners/Founders: The Dewji Brothers

Location: Dar es salaam, Tanzania

Business description: You can say Abbas Dewji and his brother were on track to follow in the footsteps of their grandparents who operated a local transport company with two trucks. Yet, when the duo decided to start their own business, their vision was focused on the big picture of supply chain management and the essential role of transportation services. Headquartered in Dar es salaam, Tanzania, ZASH is in an enviable location with one of the largest ports on the African continent’s Indian Ocean coastline. The company leverages this advantage and offers transportation services not only throughout Tanzania but also to the surrounding landlocked countries of Malawi, Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi.

How it got started: Launched in 2006, ZASH Commercial Services Africa Limited started with 30 trucks and trailers and today now has a fleet of 150 trucks. Including its drivers, the organization now has approximately 300 employees working on accounts, operations, tracking and mechanics.

How the My Own Business Institute course helped: As his business was grew, Abbas Dewji faced many challenges ranging from personnel management to local and international compliance. Always eager to learn something new, Mr. Dewji came across MOBI’s free curriculum while browsing the Web and shares, “There are certain business skills that are not taught; you must experience them for yourself. As I went through the MOBI curriculum, I could relate exactly to some of the experiences and examples. MOBI has helped me grow as a businessperson.”





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