Department ofModern Languages and Literatures

French and Francophone Studies Honors Program

Program Overview:

The French Honors Program would be open to exceptional students majoring in French and would provide a directed and specialized course of study that would (1) enrich the current French major requirements, (2) help to prepare the students for graduate level studies, and (3) increase their participation within the department and the campus community. This program would also help to develop the students’ sense of civic and social responsibility by fostering Santa Clara University’s core values of compassion, competence, and conscience.

Requirements for Admission:

  1. Excel in academics.  A minimum cumulative University GPA of 3.0, and a minimum 3.25 GPA for all French courses.
  2. Declare a French major.
  3. Complete at least two (2) upper division French courses.
  4. Submit a completed Honors Program application (.pdf download).

Requirements within the Program:

In addition to completing all requirements for a French major, students must complete:


1.      Supplemental curriculum requirements
Complete one of the following:

  • A minor or second major, in any other discipline (including, but not limited to, International Studies or International Business minor)
  • Second foreign language up to the level 22

2.      Peer Educator/Service Learning component
Complete one of the following:

  • Peer Educator
    Student will aid in a French course to help SCU students learn French for a minimum of one (1) quarter with the permission of the professor.  Student will work with that professor assisting them with conversation groups or in class as deemed feasible at the time.

  • Les Petits Bleus in Sunnyvale
    Student will spend a minimum of one (1) quarter acting as an assistant coach for French speaking soccer players, ages 6 – 10 years old.

  • French-American School of Silicon Valley in Sunnyvale
    Student will spend a minimum of one (1) quarter helping in a bilingual and bicultural classroom teaching younger children basic skills in French.

  • International School of Peninsula in Palo Alto
    Student will spend a minimum of one (1) quarter helping the Parent-Teacher Association organize and support classroom functions as well as other PTA-related events in an immersion environment.

3.      Active Role in the Affairs of the Department
The student will help to promote the activities of the Modern Language Department as well as increase awareness of the student community of the presence of the French Studies program.  The student will attend and support departmental functions, such as guest lectures, the Major/Minor fair, Open House.  Organization and participation in events related to the French Studies program (e.g., collaboration with Le Club Francophone or artistic displays in Benson Memorial Center) are encouraged as well.

4.      Senior Thesis
The student will be required to engage in a research or independent study endeavor, lasting a minimum of (1) quarter, no later than Winter quarter of his/her Senior year. The paper will focus on one specific area of study chosen by the student.  The study will be directed by a faculty mentor in conjunction with enrollment by the student in FREN 199.  The paper will be written in French, a minimum of 12 pages, double spaced, with a complete bibliography (not included in page count).

The student’s paper will be presented in English before one or more of the following audiences: the French Studies Program faculty, SCU French students, and/or the Modern Language Department faculty.  The audience will be assembled based upon availability and cooperation of the above choices.  In addition, the presentation will be open to the public.  The student should present no later than Spring quarter of his/her Senior year. Presentations will be arranged with guidance of the faculty mentor and/or the Department Chair.

5.      2 – 3 page Honor Program Activity Summary
The student will summarize and reflect upon the events and activities in which they participated while a part of the SCU French Honors Program.  He/She could include information about their experiences in peer education or service learning, any additional coursework they completed, the impact and relevance of the program on themselves and on other involved, their future plans, and their overall impression after completing the program. Not only will this paper encourage the students to reflect on what they have learned, but it will also offer an opportunity for the program to reconsider its requirements to better serve the students participating in the program in the following years.


Please refer all questions to Dr. Catherine Montfort in the Modern Languages & Literatures Department