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Get MORE out of your Business Degree

Give yourself the edge in the job market by knowing a second language.  More and more employers are looking to hire people with backgrounds that include a second language, especially in business, which today requires business men and women to travel, talk and communicate with people in all parts of the world.  Don’t miss out on opportunity because your competition in the job market learned a second language. Combine your business degree with a Double Major in German.

The Importance of Knowing German for Business

Additional Requirements for Business Majors who Double-Major in German

If you are in the business school and thinking about double majoring in German Studies (which would allow you to earn a
Bachelor of Arts degree, (B.A.), the following additional requirements are needed, two of which can be fulfilled with the
German Major:
1.*Ethnic & Women’s Studies – One (1) course
NOTE:  This requirement can be fulfilled by taking GERM 182—Women in German Literature: Author’s and Characters(offered in Winter 2008)
2.*Second Language through 3rd course of first year, i.e. Elementary Language 3. 
NOTE:  By deciding to major in German this requirement is automatically fulfilled!
  * These requirements can be fulfilled with the German Major requirements
3.Fine Art – One (1) course
4.3rd Western Culture (thus, you must complete all three courses in the sequence, i.e. 11, 12, 13)
For additional information, please speak with any of the following: an advisor in Drahman, Dr.Tabbert-Jones in the German
Studies Program, or Dr. Hellebrandt, Chair of Modern Languages Department.