Department ofModern Languages and Literatures

German Honors Program


The German Honors Program would be open to exceptional students majoring in German and would provide a specialized course of study, which would enhance the regular German major requirements and help prepare students for graduate level studies; Additionally, the program aims to develop the student’s sense of social and civic responsibility by fostering Santa Clara University’s core values of Compassion, Competence and Conscience.


Admission to Program:

  • Students must demonstrate excellence in academics.An overall cumulative University GPA of 3.0, and a minimum 3.25 GPA for all German courses.
  • Students must declare a German Major.
  • Students must have completed at least three (3) upper division German courses.
    Note: At least two (2) of these courses must be taken at SCU.
  • Complete the Honors Program Application (printable pdf).
    To print off a pdf checklist for the Honors program, click here.


Program Requirements:

Complete one of the following supplemental curriculum requirements:

a)A minor or second major

b)Second foreign language 21 & 22 (not German)

c)A minor in International Studies

Complete one of the following service-learning requirements:

a) Peer Educator
A minimum of one (1) quarter participation as a peer educator in lower division German courses helping SCU students to learn German.

b) Service-learning at South Bay Deutscher Schulverein
A minimum of one (1) quarter service-learning at the South Bay Deutscher Schulverein (SBDS) helping beginning level students, ages 3yrs – 6 yrs, learn German.

Note:Peer Educators will work with a Professor from the German Department assisting them in one of their lower division courses.Students wishing to fulfill this requirement at the South Bay Deutscher Schulverein (SBDS) shall work directly with Dr. Hellebrandt.

Students will be required to write an extended research paper no later than the winter term of their senior year.The paper will be focused on a primary area of study chosen by the student with the aid of a faculty sponsor.The paper will be written in German, at a minimum of 12 pages, double-spaced.

The student’s paper and findings may be presented in English in one of the following forums: the German Department Faculty, lower-division German students, or the Modern Languages Department faculty.The audience of the presentation shall be determined based on availability and cooperation of the above listed choices.Presentations shall take place no later than the spring quarter of the student’s senior year and will be arranged by the Faculty Sponsor and/ or the Department Chair.

Honors Program students will summarize the events and activities they participated in while in the SCU German Honors Program.They should include information about Peer Education/ Service-learning, additional coursework they completed and its relevance to their education, impacts of the program on self, as well as others involved (students who they worked with, etc.), future plans, and their overall impression and reaction of having completed the program.

Please refer all Questions to Dr. Hellebradt or Dr. Tabbert-Jones in the Modern Languages & Literatures Dept, or to Kari Craighead at