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Community-Based Learning

Community-Based Learning Program

JUNTOS –Together

¿Mi verdad? No; ¿tu verdad? Tampoco.         My truth? No; your truth? No.

La Verdad sí, y vamos juntos a buscarla.         Truth? Yes, and together we seek it.

Intermediate Spanish students learn, serve, reflect, and transform their reality and the community’s through Community Based Learning.

Estudiantes de Español Intermedio aprenden, sirven, reflexionan y transforman su realidad y la de la comunidad a través del Aprendizaje Basado en la Comunidad.

Every quarter students and professors share with the mothers of Washington Elmentary School preparing activities for the school children. Students read with adults, cook, clean the streets, and translate and express what parents of WES feel and think requesting a Middle School for the area.

Cada trimestre los estudiantes y profesores comparten con las madres de la escuela Washington Elementary, preparando actividades para los niños de la escuela Los estudiantes leen con los adultos, preparan comida, limpian las calles, traducen y expresan el sentir de los padres de familia en la alcaldía pidiendo una escuela de ciclo medio para el área.

Estas clases llenan el requisito de ELSJ (Experiential Lerarning for Social Justice).

These courses fulfill the ELSJ pathway requirement.

Community Partner Profile

The South Bay Deutscher Schulverein (SBDS) is a Saturday Morning Language School in San Jose, CA. Founded in 1964, it offers classes to learners of all ages from novice to advanced levels of proficiency.  Over the past 50 years, it has seen its enrollment increase to more than 200 students and, over the last decade, has become a valuable community partner for Santa Clara University’s German Studies Program. More information about its classes, tuition, and cultural offerings can be found at: