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Department ofModern Languages and Literatures

Spanish Resources for Students

Word Reference
It is a dictionary but it also has translation forums. It helps you translate words that are untranslatable (e.g. "nerd"). WordReference is based on the Espasa dictionaries and is very user-friendly

Diccionario de la Real Academia Española de la Lengua
The site is less user friendly than WR, but the DRAE is considered the “official” Spanish dictionary

Another very good page, based on Vox dictionaries, but it requires registration and payment

EFE’s Fundación para el español
Great resource for more advanced students

Tu Babel
Another slang site,  Some material is “risqué”, but might help you find out country-specific lingo

Spanish Grammar drills

A collection of grammar exercises for intermediate and advanced students of Spanish

Spanish grammar exercises

Verb Conjugation Tables
The page is poorly designed page, but useful

Interviews with Native Speakers
Listen to native speakers talk about a variety of topics, ranging from beginning to advanced levels

A language school with lots of movies subtitled in Spanish

Lo Más TV
Learn Spanish by watching Spanish TV in an online video player designed for language learners

Spanish Movies Online
Short Spanish movie trailers

Spanish Podcast
Spanish-themed blog and podcast site, appropriate for language learners

Notes in Spanish
Lots of audio for different levels

The Mixxer
Free and educational. A great resource

Language Exchange

Language groups in your area. For those interested in meet with other people to practice Spanish or other in a place near you. is a commercial site to match people with common interests locally.  There’s a number of foreign language and culture groups listed for the Bay Area

A great resource if you're looking for any type of media in the Spanish-speaking world

CNN Español
Noticias de Latinoamérica, Estados Unidos y el mundo

Mexican Press


La Jornada


El Universal

Spanish Press

El País

La Vanguardia

El Mundo

El Periódico

Digital Newspapers

Peridismo Humano
Noticias de actualidad, videos, reportajes

Contravía de Hollman Morris en Colombia
YouTube Channel

News Aggregators

Spain-based news aggregator

Prof. Ribas’s Page
News and content related to SPAN 147 “Cinema, Politics, and Society in Latin America”

Música y asuntos sociales
Highly recommended for Span 2 and 3. Listen to music while you read the lyrics. Learn about social issues from Latin America

Funny Soap Opera
A very funny soap opera written by Spanish students on the BBC site. Easy and subtitled

Lyrics Training
You listen to music and provide the missing words in the lyrics. At the beginning level, only a few words are missing. If you're feeling brave, do the advanced level, where no words are provided

Alternative Latino Music
It's in English, but it will lead you to discover great alternative latino music.

24 Horas
Chile al día , crónicas y reportajes

Spain's public TV channel