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Big Win for a Tiny House

The rEvolve House, SCU's entry in the Tiny House competition, takes first place.

WE WON!!!! Excitement was brewing this morning as the teams gathered for the announcement of the winners of the competition’s sub-categories and main categories. But we were trying to keep our hopes in check. We’ve learned from our Solar Decathlon experiences that you never know how the subjective judging is going to go. So, though we’d won outright in the measured contests, we couldn’t be sure of the outcome. 

Of the 20 judged sub-categories, SCU won 6: day lighting, integrated lighting, interior design, best kitchen, best program, and best tour. We started to let ourselves believe. Next, the four main categories were announced. Energy: Santa Clara University. YES!! Architecture: Laney College. That’s okay. Communication: Santa Clara University. YES!!!!! Homelife: Berkeley. Champion: SANTA CLARA UNIVERSITY!!!!!!!!

Hugs, tears, joy. Then the team gathered on their beautiful deck for photos and held Papa Reites’ green hardhat high. Congratulations, Tim Hight for leading this team to victory. Congratulations, team; you bring such pride to SCU!