Election Day at SCU

Election Day 2016 promises to be a truly historic moment, no matter which candidate wins the White House.

Election Day 2016 promises to be a truly historic moment, no matter which candidate wins the White House.

On the big day, as many as 398 Broncos who live on campus will be able to cast their vote right here in Benson’s Williman Room—which will become Precinct 4218 for the day.

The existence of Precinct 4218 was made possible thanks to some hard work earlier this year by Associated Student Government and the Office of Student Life, who hustled to secure a campus voting site for the first time in decades. It will be available only to those who registered to vote using their campus address, with a zip code of 95053 (sorry, off-campus housing students!).

However, because that zip code is exclusive to SCU, the likelihood that voting Broncos will know the student, residence hall faculty director, or Jesuit priest voting beside them is pretty high.

If instead you are a California absentee or vote-by-mail voter, you don’t have to leave campus to vote either. You can drop off your filled-out ballot anytime up to 8 p.m. on Election Day, outside Benson near the Bank of America ATM Machine.

Exactly how many voters are expected at our little precinct?

According to the county, SCU’s precinct has 1,071 active voters on the rolls, with 673 of them listed as “permanent vote by mail” voters. While the county says that typical precincts might only get 40 percent of the remainder to actually come out and vote (for a total of 159), some studies indicate that SCU might surpass that percentage by a healthy margin.

In 2012 and 2008, for instance, about 78 percent of students indicated that they voted in the presidential elections, according to an annual survey of Santa Clara University students who graduated the year prior. That’s significantly better than the national average turnout of 58 percent in 2012, and 62 percent in 2008.

Off-campus residents and others can find out where to vote by going to

Will you be dying to know what happens after the polls close? Make your way down to the lower level of the Harrington Learning Commons and join the Election Day watch party which starts at 3 p.m. The party will keep going as long as it takes to find out the winners in this once-in-a-lifetime election.

Election Day Specifics

Polls open --- Nov. 8, 7am - 8pm

Polling Location --- Williman Room, Benson Center (on-campus students only)


SCU’s Precinct by the Numbers

1,071 --- "active" voters on the rolls for Precinct 4218 (zip code 95053 only, which includes the Jesuit residence but not most off-campus housing.)

673 --- permanent vote-by-mail voters.

398 ---- the maximum number of voters from SCU who might vote in Williman Room on Election Day