Buck v. Bell Performance

Buck v. Bell Performance

Transforming Our World


SCU’s College of Arts and Sciences celebrates the accomplishments of its teacher-scholars and students with the annual College Showcase.


Highlighting the scholarly and creative works of faculty and students, each year the annual College Showcase has a reception and tabling of special projects and presentations from each of the departments.

This year's theme is "Curiosity, Innovation, and Passion: Transforming Our World." Included in the celebration:

Buck v Bell Performance and Discussion 
A collaboration involving College faculty and students, this first public performance of a new choral work provided the rare moment for music, law, and ethics to come together to address concerns about eugenics, the public good, and the rule of law. Meet principals Scot Hanna-Weir and Margaret McLean and other artists and scholars who brought Buck V Bell to life.

DeNardo Senior Prize in Science Research
Biochemistry major and winner of the 2017 DeNardo Senior Prize in Science Research, Zoe Amaris, co-author on two publications – with a third on the way – is an exceptionally talented student who will display and discuss her research with mentor Dr. Korin Wheeler, Associate Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry.

Spanish 3 Digital Humanities Projects 
Students combined knowledge gained in the course with their personal interests in a digital format that permitted a creative means of expression in Spanish. One of the students you will meet is sophomore Alec Chamberscheck out his Rap video about health!

Addressing Sexual Harassment in Field-based Research
The stories of sexual harassment during one of the most important stages of professionalization in the sciences, fieldwork, inspires the research of Robin G. Nelson, Assistant Professor, Anthropology, who will discuss her work to address sexual harassment in field-based STEM settings.

A study Nelson co-authored, Survey of Academic Field Experiences (SAFE): Trainees Report Harassment and Assault, was published in PLOS One and is publicly available. The study was the first to catalog the experiences of scientists who do field research and found that 64% of the respondents reported being sexual harassed. A majority of the harassed (which includes incidences of assault) were female trainees. This work highlights the need to keep women safe at work, particularly young women and scholars who might turn away from exciting careers in field science because of harassment or assault.



Scot Hanna-Weir directs a performance of Buck v. Bell. Photo by Joanne Lee