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Desiree Elsharif

Desiree Elsharif

The Trust Project


Desiree Sylvester Elsharif ’00 is Director of Employee Communications at Cisco.


What did your time as a The Santa Clara journalist teach you about the importance of trust and transparency in journalism?

Being a reporter, news editor, and ultimately editor-in-chief at TSC taught me the fundamentals of journalism that I still use today. The real-world experience is extremely valuable. You aren’t just discussing it in the classroom, you’re actually pitching, researching, writing, and publishing stories. And how you do it is just as important and what you print.

Did your experience on The Santa Clara inform your future career choice?

Actually, I always thought I’d be a journalist by trade—either print or broadcast. Working at TSC confirmed how much I love that world. But I got an internship at HP in Employee Communications and stayed in the corporate world ever since. However, I bring my journalism fundamentals with me to work every day.

What do you think is the biggest challenge in delivering quality journalism today?

Remaining fair and balanced. There is a lot of bias in news these days.