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SCU in the News is a biweekly compilation of select media highlights featuring faculty, staff or students.

  •  Matt Katawicz

    Student Matt Katawicz wrote an op-ed for the San Jose Mercury News about why young people should care about curing Alzheimers. He was also featured on KPIX-TV.   

  •  Tom Plante

     Tom Plante (Psychology) wrote blog articles for Psychology Today on 10 things all college students should do, and why you should write a memoir (but not expect anyone to read it!). Active Times also picked up the news about his research into training with a partner. 

  •  Tom Reese, S.J.

    Tom Reese, S.J. (Markkula) was cited in numerous publications about the comments of the pope.  

  •  Hersh Shefrin

    Hersh Shefrin (Finance) was quoted in WBEZ Chicago public radio about contrarian investing. 

  •  David Feldman

     David Feldman (Counseling Psychology) wrote an article for Psychology Today about technology use in psychotherapy. 

  •  Sports Law and Ethics Symposium

     Santa Clara University’s  fourth annual Sports Law and Ethics Symposium (ISLE) was featured in  two stories in the San Jose Mercury News, as well as stories in the San Francisco Chronicle, KLIV, KGO and KCBS radio,  ABC7 and NBC Bay Area, as well as blogs including SportsonEarth, and the Huffington Post.

  •  Solar Decathlon Team

     The members of the Solar Decathlon team (Engineering) were the focus of a column in the San Jose Mercury News, lamenting the lack of a nasty grudge fight between SCU and Stanford. The home and SCU students were also featured in  stories in the San Francisco Chronicle,, ENR California, United Press International, and CNET-TV.  

  •  John Ifcher

    Research and comments from John Ifcher (Economics) appeared in a Los Angeles Times story that also ran in, the (Tacoma Wash.) News Tribune, the (NC) News & Observer, Sacramento Bee, and nearly two dozen others, about his paper exploring the narrowing “happiness gap” between single mothers and others. 

  •  Radha Basu

     Radha Basu (Engineering) was quoted in New Scientist about frugal innovations.

  •  David Pace

     David Pace’s (Art and Art History)  photographs of Burkina Faso, which are now on exhibit, were featured in NPR’s blog, The Picture Show.


Here’s a sampling of the hundreds of mentions of SCU in the media in the past two weeks. The first part of the link is a list; the full text is below the list.

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