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Notetaking services are provided to students registered with the Office of Accessible Education (OAE), whose disability prevents them from taking class notes  during course lecture. Notetaking services are provided to begin to eliminate the competitive disadvantage under which the students with disabilities function; however, it is impossible to fully compensate for a disability. 

Eligibility for Notetaking Services is determined by OAE and is provided for courses where the functional limitation(s) indicate need.

Students receive confirmation of prescribed accommodation(s) through the Eligibility Letter delivered through MyOAE. Students must request prescribed Notetaking Services each quarter and for each class where needed.


For courses requiring notetaking services, students must log into the OAE Online Services (MyOAE) to submit their request(s) at the start of each quarter. The request will generate and send a Notification Letter to faculty notifying them of the prescribed accommodations.

Students are responsible to follow up with faculty to request meetings as soon as possible (preferably during office hours or by appointment) to discuss notetaking services. Students must discuss what type of noteking service (or combination of options) they will use:

  • Notetaker (announcement to be made by professor)
  • Tape recording of class lectures
  • Use of computer for in-class notes

If a notetker if not acquired after two attempts by the professor, the student registered with OAE must inform the OAE to request assistance in using other means to obtain a notetaker.

Students should contact OAE if there is a problem with the notetaker's notes.