Message from the Office for Multicultural Learning

Dear Seniors:
The Multicultural Recognition Ceremonies are a set of receptions that began in order to recognize the graduating class of students of color and LGBTQIA+ students at Santa Clara University. Accordingly, this should be a time for you to bring together your family and friends to help you celebrate this remarkable accomplishment. RSVP is due at 12 noon Friday May 14, 2021 to allow time for production of program booklets.

Ceremony Details:
In addition to entertainment, a faculty/staff keynote address, food, and celebration, there will also be a keynote address from the recipient of the OML Student Leadership Award. As each student is called onto stage to receive their stole, their personal statement will be read aloud to the audience. Of course we are always looking for ways to make your graduation a special experience, if you are interested in sharing your creative expression - dance, song, poetry, monologue, video, short movie - please feel free to reach out to This is a great opportunity to showcase your time here at Santa Clara University and have your family and friends share in the fruits of your labor! Prior to the Latinx Recognition Ceremony, a Misa will be hosted at the Mission Church. PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID-19, there will be no Misa for the 2021 ceremony.

Personal Statements:
If you would like to participate in OML's Multicultural Recognition Ceremonies, please RSVP here and fill out your personal statement form. The personal statement is an opportunity to reflect on your experience at Santa Clara and thank your family, friends, faculty and staff who supported you. The statements will be read aloud at the ceremony so write your statement in third person. Please note, to enable all the statements to be read in a timely manner, your personal statement can be no more than 75 words. For additional information or any questions, please contact In compliance with ADA/504, please submit accommodation requests to

Nominate a graduating senior for OML's Student Leadership Award:

Every year OML presents a graduating senior with a Student Leadership Award at each ceremony. Nominations will close at the end of the day on Friday, May 14, 2021 to allow for production of the awards certificate.
  1. Please nominate someone you think meets all or most of the following criteria for the award:
  2. Has been involved in campus community life, student organizations and/or leadership positions that have contributed to student life at Santa Clara University.
  3. Demonstrated care, respect and concern for fellow students.
  4. Has personally been an example of excellence and striven for the growth of themselves and those around them.
  5. Is committed to leadership as shown through actions of collaboration, taking initiative and consistency in their work.
  6. Has extended their activities out into the community beyond SCU and is likely to continue in this tradition.

Nominate here.