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Program Offerings

Student Sessions

Title Description Presenter
Trans, Gender Non-binary, and Gender Queer Safer Space Space for trans, gender non-binary and gender queer students to find community and talk about important issues. Peer facilitated
Ace/Greyscale Discussion What does it mean to identify as asexual, demisexual, or on the greyscale? Come learn more about asexuality and the grey spectrum, that may change your communication around sexuality with not only others but yourself! Dr. Laura Fantone, Women's & Gender Studies, Santa Clara University
Interfaith Panel  "Interfaith Engagement is the heart of my ministry. I aim to create safe space to explore the richness of our diversity, to ask tough questions, and to affirm the beauty and value of our individual journeys with God. I believe in questions!" - Rev Brekke Rev. Laura Brekke - Director of Religious Diversity and the Protestant Campus Minister, Santa Clara University 
Mental Health in the LGBTQ+ Community In this session, presenter and attendees will summarize the multidirectional relationships between LGBTQ+ communities and mental health fields. Mental health historical and current context, risk and protective factors will be highlighted within the LGBTQ+ communities. Unpacking the contributing variables of minority stress and family acceptance. All while holding up strengths and possible interventions to keep our communities safer. Tatyana Foltz, LCSW, Cas Manager & Audrey Johnson, Advanced Practicum Trainee, Santa Clara University


Title Description Presenter
Ace / Grey Safer Space Space for the Ace/Grey students to find community and talk about important issues. Peer facilitated
Bi / Pan Safer Space Space for bisexual and pansexual students to find community and talk about important issues. Peer facilitated 
Sex & Intimacy
Sex and intimacy offer LGBTQIA students and allies, opportunities for pleasure, connection, excitement, and exploration. But vulnerable encounters with a sexual partner - whether in a casual hook up, a committed relationship, or anything in between-can also leave you confused, dissatisfied, and also unsafe. In this session we will learn about and practice ways to have healthy and realistic "sexpectations," for yourself and others, and how to communicate respectfully with partners about sexual boundaries, needs, and interests.
Dr. Laura Ellingson, Communications Department & Women's and Gender Studies, Santa Clara University
At the Intersection: Exploring Gender, Sexual Orientation, Race, and Ethnicity Participants will build a foundational understanding of intersectionality by exploring gender, sexual orientation, race, and ethnicity in our current society. This session is highly interactive and will encourage conversation and action. Anthony Garrison-Engbrecht, Director of Leadership Programs and LGBT Student Services, Loyola Marymount University
Demystifying Catholic Values Popular perception is that Jesuit values are at odds with the LGBTQIA+ concerns. But this does not have to be the case. Come learn how to incorporate our Jesuit values in supporting the LGBTQIA+ community and issues. Emily Czarnik-Neimeyer, Assistant Director for Retreats, An Bui, Resident Minister, & Evan Vaughan, Resident Minister, University of San Francisco


Title Description Presenter
POC Safer Space Space for people of color to find community and talk about important issues. Peer facilitated
Combating Anti-blackness
Come learn about the ways anti-blackness shows up within the LGBTQIA+ community while learning about strategies and resources for combating anti-blackness.
Dylan Cureton and Shayna Cureton, Abundant Beginnings, Santa Cruz, CA
Trans 101
Learn about transgender identity, the intersections of being trans and Catholic, and how to be an ally! Frank Pena, Outreach/Volunteer Coordinator for Youth Space, San Jose
Queer and Career Come ask questions and get advice from a panel of out professionals. Veronica Gutirrez and Laura Genao, Managing Director of Regulatoray Affairs, Southern CA Edison, & Kim Harris.
LGBTQIA's Part in the Unity Movement
The new administration has changed everything for LGBTQIA's safety and well-being. What has happened thus far - we don't know when the act of injustice will come. Being part of a unified movement - how and what can you do - and what are we doing. These are both exciting and scary times.  Gabrielle Antolovich, Billy DeFrank Center, San Jose


Advisors Sessions

Title Description Presenter Location
Queerstory: A History of LGBTQIA+ Efforts at SCU   Kim Tavares, University Support Services & Gregory Schultz, Director of Liturgy and Music, Santa Clara University Benson 1


Title Description Presenter Location
Advisor Meet & Greet and Resource Share Come meet with other LGBTQIA+ student advisors from the various Jesuit colleges and universities. This is a time for resource sharing and creating a network of support across AJCU. Hosted by Jeanne Rosenberger, VP of Student Life Benson 1


Title Description Presenter Location
Creating anti-oppressive classrooms This workshop aims to provide teachers, administrators, and advocates the tools to understand-more importantly interrupt-oppression. By reflecting on your own personal marginalization in the university setting, we will create pathways toward advocating and creating safer spaces for students. Most importantly, we build collective toolkit for intervention that can be employed by both teachers and students to combat racism, sexism, and homophobia and other forms of oppression in the classroom. Kim Tran, Graudate Student Department of Ethnic Studies, University of California Berkeley Benson 1