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Supplemental Pre-Enrollment Information Form

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Information as of May 19, 2017

General Information

We select Core Curriculum Foundation sequences (Critical Thinking and Writing and/or Cultures and Ideas) for you before you attend Orientation. This minimizes scheduling conflicts, ensures progress toward graduation, and allows you to focus on available choices when you register for your remaining fall-quarter courses. To help us identify courses that best match your interests, you must complete the online Supplemental Pre-Enrollment Information Form (SPIF).

Beginning in the first year, our academic programs encourage you to consider issues from many perspectives. Central to the first year experience are two-course sequences built around themes such as art and music, human rights and social justice, and the environment and sustainability. In one sequence, students look at various philosophical conceptions of the self throughout history and across different cultures and then relate them to their own sense of self and community. In another sequence, students improve their writing through research and other activities related to their complex relationships to food.

How to Complete the SPIF

Log into your Ecampus account to complete the Supplemental Pre-Enrollment Information Form (SPIF).


Prior to your Orientation session.


Contact: Phil Kesten,
Director, Residential Learning Communities