Santa Clara University

Osher Lifelong Learning

Summer 2006


  • P.O.W.E.R Time Management Seminar
  • Astronomy: The Planets
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Travel Writing


P.O.W.E.R. Time Management Seminar--taught by Susan Spittler, J.D.
Back by popular demand! Learn how to maximize and optomize your efficiency and effectiveness which will enable you to increase your productivity and successfully reach all your goals. Once time management is mastered, it can optimize your productivity and success as well as increase and maximize your return in not only one area of your life, but across the board. Thus, mastering time management in essence equals an overall balanced life.  Susan will show you all the time saving tricks she has up her don't want to miss this.

Astronomy: The Planets--taught by Bill Pezzaglia
Aside from learning about the Earth beneath our feet, we ask why the Earth’s fraternal twin, the Moon, turned out so different. While the Earth is similar to Mars and Venus, the Moon is similar to Mercury. We will discuss the evolution of planets (oceans, volcanoes, craters), and the question of whether life might exist on Mars. Also, the influence of sunspots on the Earth (The Theory of Father Ricard).

Digital Storytelling--taught by Mike Ballen
Digital storytelling is the modern expressions of the ancient art of storytelling. Throughout history, storyelling has been used to share knowledge, wisdom, and values. Stories have taken successive medium that has emegered, from the circle of the campfire to the silver screen, and now the computer screen. Digital storytelling uses digital media to create media-rich stories to tell, to share, and to preserve.

Travel Writing--taught by Simone Billings
Travel Writing--how does travel writing, particularly literary travel writing, differ from a travel guide, such as the Lonely Planet guides we've used to find that lovely pensione within blocks of San Marcos Square in Venice? How does travel writing help the writer to reflect on the places the writer has visited so that the writer becomes more than a tourist ticking off must-see sites of a city, of country? Reading and discussing some examples from The Best American Travel Writing 2002, edited by Frances Mayes, and from The Spititual Gifts of Travel, edited by Fances Mayes, and from The Spiritual Gifts of Travel, edited by James O'Reilly and Sean O'Reilly, we will answer these questions. We will begin to see how our conceptions of other places--including those in the United States--to which we have traveled perhaps can be deepened; we will begin perhaps to consider how we might reflect in writing the experiences we have while traveling by using the keepsakes we gather on our trips and the journals we write while traveling.




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