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Current Events SIG

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The Current Events Discussion SIG meets approximately once a month for a stimulating two hour discussion on a timely topic of interest to all group members. Meeting dates and times vary each month depending on the OLLI class schedule and room availability on campus. Currently, because of the large number of members who want to attend, we meet in two separate groups, each averaging 20-24.

Discussions are facilitated and all members have an equal opportunity to participate and contribute in a respectful atmosphere.

Some of our previous topics include: politics, policy issues, foreign affairs, terrorism, inequality, privacy, the media, education and the impact of technology. We often incorporate short, but relevant U-Tube video segments to stimulate more informed discussions.

Members are required to RSVP each month to insure that each group is of appropriate size.  

For more information, or to join the group, please e-mail group facilitator, Len Schreibstein at