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Being a Bronco

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Being a Bronco Series

Welcome New Broncos!

The Being A Bronco Series is a 4 part series that helps to transition new students into the Santa Clara University (SCU) community. The information you gain from this series will help you to positively navigate your time at SCU.

The Being A Bronco Series is facilitated by staff and students from the Office of Student Life, the Wellness Center, the Office for Multicultural Learning and the Cowell Center. The series begins in August 2022 and concludes in February 2023. All first year students and new transfer students are required to successfully complete each unit of the series. Below is a chart that provides basic information about each unit of the Being A Bronco Series. 

Details about what you need to access and complete each unit of the series will be emailed to you prior to the start of each unit. Any questions about the Being A Bronco Series should be sent to the Being a Bronco team at We look forward to engaging with you! Go Broncos!!

Series Schedule
Time to
In-PersonOn Your Own
EverFi Aug 12–Sept 12, 2022 Modules (3) 2 hour   x
Kognito (At Risk Mental Health) Aug 12 - Sept 12, 2022 Module (1) 1 hour   X
ODM (Online Diversity Modules) Sept 26–Oct 21, 2022 Modules (6) 1 hour   x
Embrace Jan 20 - Feb 4, 2023 In-person 2 hours x  

At SCU, we believe in the importance of creating a safe and healthy community for every student. We have partnered with EVERFI to provide trainings that will help our community be informed on topics vital to a safe and healthy campus.  These trainings, in addition to being highly interactive and engaging, are based in research around the best practices for healthy communities. 

To successfully complete this component fo the Being a Bronco Series, all incoming students are required to complete three EVERFI courses: AlcoholEDU for College, Sexual Violence Prevention for Students, and Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention.

On August 12, 2022, all incoming students will receive an email with a log in link to begin taking these modules.  All modules are due by Monday, September 12, 2022. 


AlcoholEdu® for College is an interactive online program that uses the latest evidence-based prevention methods to create a highly engaging learning experience, inspiring students to make healthier decisions related to alcohol and other drugs.

Sexual Violence Prevention for Students

A powerful, interactive course designed to encourage students to be more proactive bystanders against sexual violence.

All students have a part to play in reducing sexual violence on our campus. This course illustrates how sexual violence affects everyone and requires all of us to take action.

Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention

With prescription drug misuse and abuse becoming a national issue, it is more important than ever to empower one another with the knowledge, skills, and strategies to prevent its worsening spread. 

This course teaches how to differentiate between various prescription drugs, describe the science of addiction, and demonstrate effective refusal strategies.

This unit is coordinated by the Wellness Center.

Access Information Pending 



At Risk Mental Health

Santa Clara University partners with Kognito to offer a brief [40-minute] online course: At Risk Mental Health for Students. The interactive experience equips students with skills to support their own mental health and that of their peers. The course introduces positive coping strategies, prepares students to recognize signs of distress, effectively communicate their concerns, and take action to find additional support. To Access At Risk Mental Health for Students, navigate to, create a new account using your SCU email address and enter the enrollment key: santaclarastudent.


Students will begin this unit on August 12, 2022 and will need to complete this training prior to Sept 12, 2022. Questions can sent to

Access Information Pending 


The ODM (Online Diversity Modules) introduces students to foundational social justice concepts of social identity, privilege, and oppression. ODM helps students to further understand socialization through social identity, intersectionality, privilege, and oppression. ODM also equips students with the knowledge and skills to respond to microaggressions, as well as encourages students to develop a personal commitment to social justice.

This is an online series of 6 modules. When completing the ODM online workshop, students can work asynchronously at their own pace from any computer. They can leave and return to the course at any time, and when they return, it will open to the page where they left off. The modules will take an hour to complete. This unit is coordinated by the Office for Multicultural Learning.


Access Information Pending



Embrace provides a space for students to discuss in small groups how family, school, and their home environments have influenced their beliefs about different social identity groups. Embrace provides students with an opportunity to articulate how one’s social identities intersect and influence one’s daily life.  Embrace also helps students to identify one way they will make a commitment towards contributing to inclusion, equity and belonging at SCU. This program consists of a 2-hour in-person small group conversation facilitated by returning peer student leaders. This unit is jointly coordinated by the Office of Student Life and the Office for Multicultural Learning.

Access Information Pending