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Student Life

Meet Your Ambassadors!

Shane Hughes Photograph

Hello! My name is Shane Hughes and I am one of the neighborhood ambassadors for the 2018/19 school year. To tell you a little about myself, I am from the best city in the world: Chicago! I come from a huge family of 9 children and loved every second of my crazy big family. I am a member of the class of 2020 majoring in Political Science and minoring in Entrepreneurship. In addition to being an NA, I also play water polo for the varsity team here (which is how I got to Santa Clara), am a member of the Santa Clara athletics advisory committee, participate in Igwe, and also work in the housing department. I am super excited for the opportunity to be a presence in the community and am looking forward to meeting and helping all the off-campus residents around Santa Clara University.

Hello everyone! My name is Hannah LeBlanc, and I’m an Engineering Management graduate student here at SCU from League City, Texas. I graduated from Santa Clara this past spring (woo!) with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and I was involved with the Student Ambassador program, Igwebuike and the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE). For this upcoming year, I’m excited to serve as the Co-President of the Association of Graduate Engineering Students and to continue my membership with NSBE. One fun fact about me is that I’m a huge space nerd and have a dream to one day work full-time at NASA! I can’t wait to begin my year as a Neighborhood Ambassador and meet all the amazing off-campus residents in the Santa Clara community.

Hannah LeBlanc Photograph

Riley Pendergast Photograph

My name is Riley Pendergast. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, I found myself among the best donuts, ice cream, and food trucks around.  While I did not grow up with 300+ days of perfect weather or sandy beaches, I did live in the middle of a city and a forest all in one.  Green, plush nature was all around.  I attended a Jesuit high school which led me to Santa Clara – the best school for me. Here, I am given opportunities to be involved in a multitude of activities, clubs, and groups. This year, I am excited to continue my role as Vice President for Habitat for Humanity SCU, take part in an internship in Entrepreneurship, and fulfill the role of Neighborhood Ambassador for a second year.  As an NA, I enjoy assisting off-campus residents as they navigate independent living while maintaining the Bronco Spirit we have all grown to love.


My name is Madeleine Ripley. I am from Denver, Colorado. Growing up so close to the mountains, I am an avid fan of hiking, camping, and exploring. I am always down for an adventure and trying new things! Here at Santa Clara, I love being able to explore my interests and develop myself through the Jesuit principles. Majoring in Economics and minoring in Retail Studies and Sustainability has allowed me the opportunity to expand my mind to the broader world and how I exist within it. I love being involved in the Retail Studies Student Association, Contemplative Leadership & Sustainability Program, Women in Business, and Into the Wild. I also work at the Santa Clara Call Center which helps raise money for various Santa Clara clubs, programs, and on-campus organizations. I am looking forward to serving the Santa Clara community as a Neighborhood Ambassador this coming year. Feel free to stop by anytime to chat!

Madeleine Ripley Photograph