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Meet Your Ambassadors!

Photo of Taylor Kee

My name is Taylor Kee and I am from Oakland, CA.  I am currently a senior here at SCU majoring in Political Science and Ethic Studies with a minor in Environmental Studies and I hope to go into law after my time at Santa Clara.  This will be my first quarter back at SCU since returning from being abroad in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.  In addition to being a Neighborhood Ambassador, I also work on campus in the law school; serve on the Peer Judicial Review Board; and am an active member in the multicultural center, especially in MEChA El Frente.  I enjoy cooking, crafting, and spending time with my friends at our favorite spots around campus.  I am excited for what is in store within my last few months on campus and I am excited to serve my community as a Neighborhood Ambassador.  My door is always open and I'm most likely cooking something up!

My name is Lyndsey Kincaid, I’m originally from Chicago and I am a senior here at SCU. I’m majoring in Communication with a double minor in Entrepreneurship and Creative Writing with hopes to go into Journalism post-graduation. On campus, I fulfill a leadership role as a Neighborhood Ambassador and recently was accepted onto SCU’s hip-hop dance team, Hipnotik. My hobbies include writing, dancing, and spending time with family and friends. This year, I am looking forward to finishing up my final year at Santa Clara while also enjoying the many exciting and gratifying opportunities that are to come through my on campus involvement. Likewise, as a Neighborhood Ambassador I’m looking forward to being an outlet for students who are living off campus and need advice or assistance.

Photo of Lyndsey Kincaid

Photo of Riley Pendergast

My name is Riley Pendergast. Hailing from Portland, Oregon. I found myself among the best donuts, ice cream, and food trucks around.  While I did not grow up with 300+ days of perfect weather or sandy beaches, I did live in the middle of a city and a forest all in one.  Green, plush nature was all around.  I attended a Jesuit high school which led me to Santa Clara – the best school for me. Here, I am given opportunities to be involved in a multitude of activities, clubs, and groups.  I spent the past six months studying in Australia and travelling around Indonesia, New Zealand, and Fiji.  While I am sad to leave those joyful memories behind, I am excited to continue my role as Event Coordinator for Habitat for Humanity SCU, take part in the Nepal Agribusiness Immersive Study Program, and fulfill the role of Neighborhood Ambassador.  As an NA, I look forward to assisting off-campus residents as they navigate independent living while maintaining the Bronco Spirit we have all grown to love.