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Student Resources

Facebook Housing Site – Students post open spots and other information about places to live here.

Housing Comparison Worksheet – See which location is the best option by using this form.

If a student has any questions concerning neighborhood and off campus advising they can set up an appointment by contacting



It has come to our attention that several landlords have been contacted via e-mail by people posing as international students/visiting scholars/faculty. The majority of these e-mails have originated from the UK.

Typically, the scam works like this:

  • Tenant expresses urgency in completing rental agreement & agrees to send a check/money order for the cost of the rental ASAP.
  • Tenant sends a counterfeit check/money order for more money than is needed and requests the landlord send them the balance.
  • Tenant states that they’re planning to use the balance to purchase their plane ticket, furniture or another urgent cause and asks the landlord to send the money ASAP.
  • Upon initial deposit, the bank accepts the counterfeits but contacts the landlord within a couple of days and notifies them that the check/money order was fake.


If you feel suspicious that a potential tenant may be attempting a scam, request that the bank/post office investigate and/or contact the following:

  • FTC toll free hotline: 877-FTC-HELP (877-382-4357)
  • FTC online complaint form (
  • Internet Fraud Complaint Center (
  • Non-emergency number for your local police department.


CA Tenant Handbook - This is a great site for information about Tenant/Landlord Rights. If the answer is not in this document, I would be surprised!

HUD Portal - Housing and Urban Development has this information about Tenant Rights, Laws, and protection in California.

Project Sentinal is a free resource to talk about your housing concerns. Below are their pamphlets on specific topics.

3 Day Notice – Three day notices come in three options: 3 day notice to quit with no option to correct, 3 day notice to quit or correct, or 3 day notice to pay or quit. This document explains.

Terminating a Tenancy – Requirements -  This explains 30 and 60 day notices and what is required/allowed in these situations.

Termination Notices- Types – Do you have a lease or a month to month contract?

Tenant Rights – This is a list of ways to protect your rights as a tenant.

Successful Tenant Tips Search

Successful Tenant-Dangers to Avoid

Successful Tenant Checklist

Security Deposits – These are the main rules for Security Deposits. 

Deposit Disputes - Here is a list of ways to make sure you get most if not all of your deposit back.

Repairs - Habitability and Landlord requirements are listed along with the responsibilities of the Tenant,

Rent Increases - When can the rent be increased? What is the difference from a fixed term lease vs. a periodic rental agreement?

Privacy/Right to Enter- When can a landlord enter my home? 

Neighbor Rights- Neighbors can hold you responsible for various things. See what things you are responsible for.

Constructive Eviction- This is a description of the illegal form of eviction called constructive eviction


Inventory Checklist – When moving in, make sure you utilize this inventory. This will help you get your money back from your security deposit!

Law School Resources – The Katharine and George Alexander Community Law Center provides pro bono advice.

Leaving For Break Checklist – Short break and longer break checklists. Keep your home safe!

City of Santa Clara Codes

University Response to Off Campus Misconduct - This is a quick summary of all rules and regulations applying to Off Campus Students.

Santa Clara Police Department  - This handout is distributed by the Nuisance Suppression Unit that monitors the SCU area.

Neighborhood Resources

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