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Admission Statistics

In the end, the effectiveness of a pre-health program is reflected in the medical school admissions statistics for our Santa Clara University graduates.  So how do we stack up?  Since 2002, over 90% SCU pre-medical graduates have achieved admission to at least one U.S. allopathic medical school if they graduated with 1) an overall gpa > 3.50, 2) an MCAT score of 30 or higher, (this translates roughly to the 505-510 range or higher on the new scale), 3) a nice portfolio of experiential activities, and 4) if they took off at least one year between SCU graduation and medical school matriculation.  In other words, if they were qualified, they got in.  As University Pre-Health Advisor I have no say as to whether a given student chooses to apply to medical school.  Students with very non-competitive applications may still choose to apply.  Overall, about 40% of our students who apply get in.  So is the statistic 100% or 40%?  It's both, depending on the pool of students examined.  Data is similar for all the other graduate health programs to our graduates apply; dental school, pharmacy, physical therapy, etc.


Since 2002, well over 200 Santa Clara University graduates have matriculated into 60+ different allopathic and osteopathic medical schools. Below is a fairly complete list of the schools and the number of SCU students attending them within the past twelve years.

SCU Medical School Matriculation Numbers by Medical School, 2002-2018 – 328 students

21 students to each of Creighton and Loyola-Stritch

20 students to Georgetown

17 students to each of University of Washington and Hawaii

15 students to Oregon Health Science University (OHSU)

13 students to USC

12 students to St. Louis University

11 students to each of UCSF and Colorado

8 students to UCLA

7 students to each of UCSD and UCI

6 students to each of New Mexico and Touro University (all campuses)

5 students to each of University of Nevada Reno and Arizona

4 students to each of UC-Davis, Chicago Pritzker, Tulane, Einstein, and St. Georges

3 students to each of Rush, Meharry, Minnesota, Tufts, Cal. Northstate, Medical College of Wisconsin, Vermont, Temple, Cornell, Dartmouth, Toledo, WUHS Osteo., Midwestern Osteo.

2 students to each of Duke, New York Medical College, Nebraska, Arkansas, Boston U., Wash. U. St. Louis, Jefferson Medical College, Florida, Missouri, Ross, Arizona Coll. of Osteo., Kansas City Osteo.

1 student to each of Utah, Northwestern, Johns Hopkins, UC-Riverside, Ponce,  Illinois, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Stanford, Wayne State, Case Western Reserve, Kansas, Miami, Iowa, Texas (Houston), Texas (San Antonio), SUNY Brooklyn, Eastern Tennessee, Virginia Commonwealth, Wright State, AUA, Michigan State, Northwestern, Wisconsin,  Wake Forest, North Dakota, Southern Illinois, Quinnipiac, Florida Atlantic, Florida International, Medical College of Ohio, Rosalind Franklin Podiatric, Samuel Merritt Podiatric, Des Moines University Podiatric, New York College of Osteo, AT Still College of Osteo, Kirksville Osteo, Lake Erie Osteo, Chicago College of Osteo, Pacific Northwest College of Osteo, Incarnate Word Osteo.