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Experiential Activities

Particularly for medical school, experiential activities are an absolute must for the successful applicant.  Not only do the medical school admission committees demand it, it is vital for you as well in order to see if you really like the hands-on part of the career upon which you seek to embark.  As noted in the Medical School Admission Triad page, experiential activities represent the third important criterion for medical school admission, joining grade point average and MCAT score.  Listed below are a number of types of experiential activities in which SCU pre-medical students have recently participated.  Do not consider this a laundry list to be check off nor an exclusive list; it is just designed to give you some ideas.  If a particular activity is of no interest to you, please don't engage in it just for the sake of your medical school application.

1) Begin an undergraduate research project with an SCU faculty member.  Sometimes this can lead to one or more student co-authored publications.

2) Become an SCU campus EMT, taking care of your fellow SCU students as first responders in many situations.  Click Emergency Medical Services for details.

3) Apply to the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics Medical Ethics Program, offered in collaboration with nearby O'Connor Hospital and two other medical facilities.

4) Work as a tutor for the Drahmann Teaching and Learning Resource Center here at the University.

5) Join and possibly become an elected officer in one of the University's several student run Pre-Health clubs.

6) Apply to the Casa de la Solidaridad Program for a summer medical immersion experience in El Salvador.

7) Spend a Spring Break with the campus unit of Global Medical Brigades on an immersion experience in a carefully selected third world country.

8) Child Family Health International (CFHI) has many summer programs available in which medical assistance to children in provided worldwide, but particularly in Latin America.

9) International Service Learning (ISL) has many interesting volunteer opportunities. SCU has an ISL Chapter here on campus.

10) Consult the Career Center's Health Care Internship Postings to find an internship that is a good fit for you.

11) If you are interested in sports medicine and/or physical therapy, consult Santa Clara Sports Medicine.

12) Particularly for students with an interest in public/global health, a study abroad experience with the Danish Institute for Study Abroad is worth looking into.

13) Help education fellow SCU students about health related issues by becoming a Peer Health Educator (PHE).  A 2-unit course is involved in this program as well.

14) Working as a medical scribe, often in an emergency room setting, is a paid and very rewarding experience, although it often requires a considerable time commitment, such that it is most often pursued by Pre-med and Pre-PA students immediately after graduation.

15) Possibly apply to the SCOPE (Student Clinical Opportunities for Pre-Medical Education)

16) Possibly apply (if appropriate) to the SMDEP (Summer Medical and Dental Education Program)

17) Possibly apply to the UC Davis Summer Surgical Internship Program.

18) Possibly apply to the Global Impact Core (Unite for Sight) Program.

19) Possibly apply to the Alaska AHEC Summer Opportunity Program.

20) linkAges

21) Atlantis Project - pre-med fellowship abroad

22) China California Heart Watch

23) Stanford Science, Technology, and Medicine Summer Program

24) Univ. of Colorado section of Wilderness and Environmental Medicine

25) Viva Peru

26) Frog Tutoring

27) Somos Hermanos

28) SHPEP (Summer Health Professions Education Program - for first and sencond year undergrads, especially from underrepresented and lower family income students.

29) Loyola University (Maryland) Baltimore Health Immersion - starts 3rd week of May, so only possible for post-SCU graduation.


31) IPSL (International Partnership in Service Learning)

32) NARAP (National Alliance of Research Associates Programs)

33) VAW (Volunteers Around the World)

34) Jean Donovan Fellowship - SCU

35) Global Social Benefits Program - SCU

This is just a sampling of the opportunities available for Santa Clara University students seeking experiential learning in the area of health care.