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Testing for SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is required of all who will be living, working, taking classes, or studying on Santa Clara’s campus in fall 2020.

Prior to coming to campus, you must (1) make an appointment, (2) register for your test, and (3) arrive for your test.

Make an Appointment

Fill out this link in order to select a time slot for your test at Cowell Health Center. 

  • Testing Tuesday Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at the Cowell Health Center
  • Note: Students who've already tested on campus (including on the Sept. 18 and 21 testing days) do not need to test again unless they are experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms, have had a close contact exposure, or were identified by the Contact Tracing Team.

Register for Your Test

You must register for your test using this link. (It will ask for your insurance ID card, but you do not need this in order to register). 

What to expect when you register (best done on mobile device): 

  1. The first screen will advise that you need a Health Insurance card and information. You will not need this information to register.  
  2. Enter email and mobile phone number to register with Healthvana. This registration allows for Healthvana, SCU's COVID-19 results delivery partner, to text and email you the results of your test.
  3. Enter address and demographic information (required by the state and the county for Public Health reporting purposes). 
  4. Approve release of test results to SCU.
  5. At the end of registration, a QR code will be presented to you. Take a screenshot to save this code (if you cannot print). Also, record the number below the QR code and bring it to your testing time, as a backup.   

Arrive for your Test

  • Please arrive during testing hours time.
  • Wear a face covering and remember to maintain 6 feet of physical distance from others at all times. 
  • Bring your registration confirmation, which will be emailed to you after you complete the online registration. We will need the printed or electronic QR code that is on that confirmation to complete the registration process and begin the testing process.
  • Students will self-administer nasal swab tests under supervision of a medical practitioner. Samples will be sent to a contracted laboratory, with results delivered within 3 days. 


Students who should expect to be tested include: 

  • On-campus residents. The small number of students who have been approved to live on campus have been tested for COVID-19 immediately prior to the start of the fall quarter and at least once after quarter commenced. 
  • Students coming to campus for classes or any other purpose. Students who plan to be on campus for any purpose—utilizing study areas in the Benson Memorial Center or Learning Commons; taking in-person labs or performance classes; or ROTC—have been required to be tested for COVID-19 immediately prior to the start of the quarter after quarantining for five days. 
  • Students Living Off Campus. While we have strongly urged students to stay home for fall 2020, we know there are students  who live near campus in off-campus housing or hotels. Students who live in the neighborhoods adjacent to the campus have the opportunity to be tested just prior to the start of the quarter and thereafter if they are experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms, have had a close contact exposure, or were identified by the Contact Tracing Team.
  • Any student experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. In the event a student has symptoms and suspects COVID-19 infection, they can contact Cowell Health Center to arrange for a health practitioner to conduct a test. 

  • Close contacts of symptomatic students. If a student tests positive, the University will reach out to close contacts to encourage them to seek testing. If the close contacts are University students, testing will be available at Cowell for those living close to campus. All non-students will be directed to reach out to their personal physician or public testing sites to conduct testing.
  • Other groups as needed. Depending on the COVID situation during the quarter, SCU may request specific groups of students undergo testing for purposes of viral surveillance. Unless indicated by a known exposure, such testing will not be mandatory, but we expect all students to take seriously their responsibility to protect the campus community, including non-students, from the COVID virus. 


Faculty and staff will be tested if they are considered “essential personnel” or if they are faculty required to be on campus for in-person instruction. They will be contacted by email to set up a testing date.



On-campus residents suspected of having COVID-19 will be tested and required to quarantine in their residence hall for 14 days pending test results. Suitemate(s) must also take a COVID-19 test and quarantine for 14 days pending test results.

An on-campus resident who tests positive will be required to isolate at St. Clare Hall for 14 days after symptom onset and resolution of symptoms for at least 7 days without use of fever-reducing medicine. Asymptomatic individuals who test positive for COVID-19 can return to their campus residence 14 days after their positive test results. Suitemate(s) must be tested and may be required to quarantine for 14 days.

Off-campus students suspected of having COVID-19 will be required to quarantine until their test results come in, and to follow protocols for staying isolated in the event the test is positive. It is important for students moving to nearby off-campus housing for fall 2020 to have a plan for quarantine or self-isolation away from roommates, should that become necessary. On-campus quarantine/isolation space will be reserved for on-campus-resident students. 


If faculty or staff test positive for COVID-19, they must remain home and self-isolate; employees must notify their supervisor and HR ( All campus members must immediately report a positive test —regardless of whether you have symptoms and no matter if you were on campus within the past 48 hours or not. Report your situation to 408-554-5100. 


Faculty, staff, or students who experience a positive test—with or without symptoms— are asked to report their situation to 408-554-5100. This line will be staffed 24/7. The information collected confidentially will be used to inform campus departments handling SCU’s COVID-19 response. Those who will be informed as needed are: 

  • Tracking Team
  • Human Resources
  • Cowell Health Center
  • University Operations (for cleaning, closure, etc.)
  • Required County Tracking
  • University Marketing and Communications for website updates and (anonymized) alerts to campus. 


Whether you come to campus or not, training on Santa Clara’s health and safety procedures for fall 2020 will be mandatory for all campus members. The following safety protocols are meant to protect our students, faculty, staff, and the surrounding community. 

  • Daily Symptom Tracking. All faculty, staff, and students coming onto the campus in the fall, regardless of whether they are living on or off campus, are required to track Daily Symptoms here prior to coming to campus (tracker is also available on  the SCU Mobile App). 

  • Prevention Behavior. Students will also be expected to:

    • Participate in SCU’s COVID-19 contact tracing program;

    • Wear face coverings at all times on campus—indoors and outdoors; 

    • Practice social distancing (6-feet minimum) at all times—indoors and outdoors;

    • The small number of students living on-campus in emergency housing will not be permitted to enter other residence halls, host any guests, or use common spaces. 

  • Report positive cases, wherever you live. Any student who tests positive —with or without symptoms, no matter where they live— is asked to report their situation to 408-554-5100. The information collected confidentially will be used to inform campus departments handling SCU’s COVID-19 response, including the SCU Tracking Team; Human Resources; Cowell Health Center; University Operations (for cleaning, closure, etc.); required county authorities; and University Marketing and Communications for website updates.

  • Consequences for violations. Failing to comply with our collective commitment to safety efforts during this pandemic is a serious violation of the Student Conduct Code. Students cited for failing to abide by campus, county and state health and safety protocols are subject to the full range of disciplinary actions including fines, restricted access to campus facilities, disciplinary probation, deferred suspension, suspension, and expulsion. The Student Conduct Code and its full range of disciplinary actions applies to all students whether on or off campus.