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Staff Engagement

Santa Clara University is committed to providing assistance and resources to our valued employees. In addition to the Prepared SCU website intended to provide updates and information to the entire community, below are links to vital information covering a broad array of areas of specific interest to staff.

HR Resources

Includes resources for health and well-being; tips and support for remote working; resources for staying engaged, and tips and guidance for self care and help for parents at home with kids. 

Staff FAQs  

Includes robust information on staff benefits, requirements, resources, and protocols for working remotely; maintaining health; and employment and student-employee issues during COVID-19.

Staff Town Halls

Includes relevant information, updates, and selected questions and answers from the regularly held, virtual town hall meetings for SCU staff members. Also provides a form for submitting questions, and dates of the next staff town hall meeting. 

Supervisor Resources

Supervisors and managers are in a unique situation to lead, encourage, and navigate through the uncertainty and frequently changing environment. We want you to know that you are not alone. Included on this site are FAQs and additional resources to provide guidance and support to our supervisors and managers. The focus of these pages are on managing while we continue to work remotely and to provide guidance for our eventual transition back to campus.


University Financial Update FAQs

Knowing that the University’s financial decisions deeply impact all members of our community personally and professionally, we strive to be as transparent as possible. To address ongoing issues of interest about Santa Clara University’s financial decisions, please find responses to common questions on the University Financial Update FAQs page.