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Resilience and Recovery Working Group

In a very fluid and challenging environment, the COVID-19 Resilience & Recovery Working Group planned scenarios in the spring of 2020 for how Santa Clara University will continue to offer an exceptional Jesuit educational experience, both preserving our core academic mission and caring for the well-being of our community. Specifically, this group, which was originally comprised of seven distinct teams, developed plans to:

  • chart a flexible path forward through the 2020-21 academic year (via 6-month, 12-month, 18-month plans) 
  • preserve and invest in the core teaching and learning mission of the University
  • care for the safety and well-being of our community
  • steward financial resources of the University
  • exercise distinctive cura personalis for our students, faculty, and staff

The working group originally included representatives of collaborative governance and has worked closely with relevant governance committees. The leads of the seven teams that originally comprised the group (see below) have made recommendations for the 2020-21 academic year. We are grateful for the service and hard work of these teams. Note that a few individuals have served on multiple teams to assist in facilitating cross-team linkages and collaboration.

The input of our community is extremely valuable in ensuring that we keep our campus safe and well. To send comments or suggestions for the teams, please access the COVID-19 Resilience and Recovery - Idea Submission Form. If you have cost-cutting or revenue-generating ideas, please access the Financial Impact Suggestion form.

Teaching and Learning

The Teaching and Learning team solicits and reviews ideas to support teaching and learning, analyzes the strengths, challenges, and costs associated with each scenario, and makes recommendations to the deans and provost.

Lead: Acting Co-Provost Ed Ryan, Acting Co-Provost Kate Morris


  • Nicole Branch, University Library
  • Elsa Chen, Provost’s Office
  • Nancy Cutler, Academic Technology
  • Laura Doyle, Subcommittee of the Faculty Affairs Committee
  • Katie Heintz, Academic Affairs Committee
  • Alex McCafferty, Budget Office
  • Teresa McCollough, Faculty Affairs Committee
  • Kate Morris, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Soniya Patel, Provost’s Office
  • Susan Popko, Global Engagement
  • Helen Popper, Leavey School of Business
  • Robin Reynolds, Auxiliary Services
  • Ed Ryan, Provost’s Office
  • Kathleen Schneider, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Duane Voigt, Registrar


Campus Operations

The Campus Operations team supports the return-to-classroom vision outlined by the Resilience & Recovery Teaching and Learning and Student Experience teams by providing required testing, isolation, finding (tracking), and quarantine support for the SCU community, along with all other operational needs necessary to work safer within a COVID-19 environment.

Lead: Robin Reynolds Assoc Vice President, Auxiliary Services



  • Jill Rovaris
  • Sam Florio
  • Graceila Lopez 
  • Sean Collins
  • Liz Quevedo
  • Craig Stephens
  • Margret McLean
  • Ryan Holleman
  • Tyler Masamori

Housing / Isolation and Quarantine

  • Robin Reynolds
  • Matt Cameron
  • Helen Kassa
  • David Cajigas
  • Andrew Chai


  • David Hess
  • Jenny Brown
  • Kat Saxton
  • Jill Rovaris
  • Craig Stephens
  • Tyler Masamori
  • Brian Frank
  • Ryan Hollerman

Operational Support

  • Chris Young
  • Tyler Masamori

COVID-19 Consulting

  • John Veargason
  • Marissa Pimentel
  • Don Akerland
  • Toby Smith

Student Experience

The Student Experience team is organized to reflect five cross-functional working groups: social connectedness; diversity and inclusion; health and well-being; new student experience; and athletics. Each group documents existing virtual-engagement initiatives and develops plans for continued engagement with students as plans for returning to campus operations unfold.

Lead: Jeanne Rosenberger, Vice Provost, Student Life


  1. Social Connectedness Group Members
    • Lori Salazar
    • Ann Codiga (student)
    • Alyse Hudock
    • Autumn Inman (student)
    • Griffin Garbarini (student)
    • Amanda Chavez
    • Caitlin Fitter (student)
    • Anna Ricci
    • Timothy Leyson
    • Krystal Lam (student)
    • Jocelyn Chi (student)

  2. Health & Well-being Group Members:
    • Janice DeMonsi
    • Karla De La Torre Mora
    • Anjali Rangaswami (student)
    • Cassidy Bashman (student)
    • Charles Mansour
    • Corelise Specht
    • Julia Claire Santos
    • Nicole Banks
    • Rose Nakamoto
    • Sonya Chalaka (student)
    • Tiger Simpson

  3. Diversity & Inclusion Group Members:
    • Byron Howlett
    • Bernell Nevil
    • Ray Plaza
    • Kyle Shinseki, S.J.
    • Erin Kimura Walsh
    • Ciara Moezidis (student)

The following teams have been sunsetted.

Financial Integrity

The Financial Integrity team focused on three key areas: 1) budget/cash flow; 2) endowment/fundraising; and 3) financial aid/undergraduate and graduate enrollment.

Lead: John Ottoboni, Chief Operating Officer


  • Michael Crowley, Finance and Administration
  • Eva Blanco Masias, Undergraduate Admission
  • Nancy Calderon, Development
  • John Kerrigan, Investment Office
  • Naomi Levy, Political Science, Office of Student Fellowships
  • Jim Lyons, University Relations
  • Jessica Matsumori, Finance Office
  • Alex McCafferty, Budget Office
  • Toby McChesney, Leavey School of Business
  • Nan Merz, Financial Aid Office
  • Tony Nguyen, Investment Office
  • Julie Rubio, Jesuit School of Theology
  • Agustin Ruiz, Human Resources
  • Tracy Ruscetti, Biology
  • Ed Ryan, Provost’s Office
  • Ramona Sauter, Controller
  • Hersh Shefrin, Leavey School of Business
  • Jim Sepe, Leavey School of Business
  • Mike Sexton, Enrollment Management
  • Mike Wallace, Development

Staff Engagement

The Staff Engagement team consisted of sub-groups to focus specifically on three key components of the charge: 1) working environment; 2) staff support; and 3) supervisory support.

Lead: Molly McDonald, Chief of Staff, President’s Office


  • Charlie Ambelang, Human Resources
  • Hallie Bodey, School of Law
  • Donna Bolio, Athletics 
  • Andrew Chai, Staff Senate, Mission Church
  • Jon Clough, Education & Counseling Psychology
  • Sean Collins, University Operations 
  • Hannah Dahdouh, Ignatian Center 
  • Monica DeLong, Markkula Center
  • Heather Dumas-Dyer, Residence Life
  • Matthew Duncan, Student Life 
  • Teri Escobar, Academic Technology
  • Jen Ferrari, Career Services 
  • Dianna Gallagher, Jesuit School of Theology
  • Jessica Johns, Cowell Center  
  • Mary Johnson, University Protocol & Events
  • Teresa Kopriva, Provost’s Office
  • Dale Larson, Counseling Psychology
  • Kori Lennon, Residence Life
  • Phil Livak, Campus Safety  
  • Sergio Lopez, Development
  • Maggie Malagon, Housing
  • Shirley Mata, Human Resources
  • Mike Nuttall, Ignatian Center
  • Ray Plaza, Office for Diversity & Inclusion 
  • Liz Quevedo, Human Resources 
  • Trista San Agustin, OneStop  
  • Celine Schmidek, University Marketing & Communications
  • Stacey Tinker, School of Engineering
  • Rafael Ulate, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Emily Wilcox, Leavey School of Business 
  • Chris Young, Facilities

Legal Guidance and Government Relations

The Legal Guidance and Government Relations team provided advice and analysis regarding current and forthcoming local, state, and federal laws and regulations that may impact the University’s plan to resume operations, including potential liability arising therefrom. They leveraged and harnessed its members’ professional associations and networks to provide best practices from universities across the country.

Lead: Bridget Colbert, Interim General Counsel


  • Pat Cain, School of Law
  • Sean Collins, University Operations
  • Sam Florio, Risk Management & Compliance
  • Julie Garcia, General Counsel Office
  • Tyler Masamori, Risk Management & Compliance
  • Agustin Ruiz,  Human Resources
  • Ramona Sauter, Finance & Administration


The Communications team evaluated and tracked SCU's overall internal and external communications strategies and tactics; supported the work of the other groups as necessary from a communications perspective; and delivered timely recommendations to the president and cabinet to inform the SCU community and key constituencies and stakeholders.

Lead: Celine Schmidek, Associate Vice President, University Marketing & Communications


  • Deepa Arora, University Marketing & Communications
  • John Birmingham, College of Arts & Sciences 
  • Jennifer Gayle, Development
  • Andrew Ishak, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Kathy Kale, Alumni Relations
  • Becky Konowicz, Undergraduate Admission
  • Deborah Lohse, University Marketing & Communications
  • Mike Nuttall, Ignatian Center
  • Molly F. O'Brien ’21, Communication Major and Retail Management Minor
  • Karen Paculba, University Marketing & Communications
  • Liz Quevedo, Human Resources 
  • Ann Skeet, Markkula Center
  • Emily Wilcox, Leavey School of Business