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Prepared SCU
Guide for Students

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Critical protocols that we all must follow to keep safe and healthy.

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The learning environment and a list of academic resources for students.

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 A wide offering of events and recreational activities to enrich your experience.

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The latest updates and information on SCU's tuition and financial aid policies.

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Resources and support for our students, including health services, counseling and psychological services, and career fairs.

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The SCU residential experience and grab-n-go dining options.

What to Know Before Coming to Campus

In order to create a safer campus environment for students, faculty, and staff, we continue to implement the following health protocols. Please note that SCU reserves the right to maintain more restrictive provisions than Santa Clara County.

  1. Testing. Get a required COVID-19 test weekly if you are not fully vaccinated. Testing is provided on campus at no cost to students.
  2. Behavior. Students are expected to commit to the Bronco COVID-19 Pact and thereby:
    • Pledge to follow state, county, and University guidelines
    • Wear face coverings when indoors, even if you are fully vaccinated
  3. Consequences for Violations. Failing to comply with our collective commitment to safety efforts during the pandemic is a serious violation of the Student Conduct Code, and its full range of disciplinary actions applies to all students living on or off campus.