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Student checking her temperature in the bathroom mirror.

Health and Safety Large

Health and Safety

Together as Broncos, we each play a vital role in keeping our community safe and healthy. Prevention behavior, reporting and testing, and a community of care are all crucial to this larger effort.

Student Behavior and Expectations

The following safety protocols are meant to protect our students, faculty, staff, and the surrounding community. Please note that SCU reserves the right to maintain more restrictive provisions than Santa Clara County.

  • Daily Symptom Tracking. All students who come to campus, regardless of whether they are living on or off campus, are required to complete the online version of the Daily Symptom Tracker. The app will guide you each morning to track any symptoms that could indicate the presence of COVID-19, and what to do if any symptoms are detected. The Daily Symptom Tracker can be accessed via the SCU Mobile App
  • Prevention Behavior. Students are expected to commit to the Bronco COVID-19 Pact and thereby:
    • Pledge to follow state, county, and University guidelines
    • Participate in SCU’s COVID-19 testing program
  • Participate in SCU’s COVID-19 contact tracing program
  • Wear face coverings at all times on campus—indoors and outdoors 
  • Maintain six feet of social distance at all times—indoors and outdoors
  • Refrain from entering other residence halls, hosting guests, or using common spaces while living on-campus 
  • Reporting Positive Cases. Any student who is tested by an off-campus facility and receives a positive result —with or without symptoms, no matter where they live— is asked to report their positive case to 408-554-5100. If a student is tested through the campus system, the result will automatically be reported to the university. The information collected confidentially will be used to inform campus departments handling SCU’s COVID-19 response, including the SCU Tracking Team; Human Resources; Cowell Health Center; University Operations (for cleaning, closure, etc.); the Office of Student Life; required county authorities; and University Marketing and Communications for SCU Testing Dashboard updates.
  • Consequences for  Violations. Failing to comply with our collective commitment to safety efforts during this pandemic is a serious violation of the Student Conduct Code. Students who are cited for failing to abide by campus, county, or state health and safety protocols are subject to the full range of disciplinary actions including fines, restricted access to campus facilities, disciplinary probation, deferred suspension, suspension, and expulsion. The Student Conduct Code and its full range of disciplinary actions applies to all students, whether living on or off campus. SCU reserves the right to maintain more restrictive provisions than Santa Clara County.

Health and Safety Protocols

Campus Facilities

Face coverings and social distancing are required at all times on campus, and many buildings and offices will be closed entirely during the spring quarter. The following implementations are designed to reduce density, promote social distancing, and reduce exposure time to others: 

  • One-way directional signs indicating paths of travel
  • Reduced occupancies in various spaces
  • Floors marked where classroom desks go
  • Limited number of staff working on campus
  • Sneeze guards installed at reception desks and cashier areas
  • Hand sanitizer stations installed in high-traffic areas

COVID-19 Reporting

Santa Clara University has established a COVID-19 reporting line at 408-554-5100. Students who receive a positive test result from an off-campus testing facility must report their positive test through the reporting line, whether they are experiencing symptoms or not. 

COVID-19 Testing

Testing for COVID-19 will take place at two testing centers on campus: Benson Memorial Center (Williman Room) and Lucas Hall Room 126. Testing is available on campus at no cost, and will be offered every week of spring quarter, Monday through Wednesday from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Students will self-administer saliva tests under supervision of a trained health aide. Samples will then be sent to a contracted laboratory. Most results will be returned within one day. 

Students coming to campus for classes or any other purpose—utilizing study areas in the Benson Memorial Center or Learning Commons; taking in-person labs or performance classes; ROTC; or picking up grab-and-go food—are expected to participate in our weekly testing program.

Students living in the neighborhoods adjacent to the campus are strongly encouraged to take part in weekly testing, and are required to do so if they need to come on campus for any reason. There is no cost for testing. 

Any student who experiences symptoms of COVID-19 may call or go to Cowell Health Center, where a health practitioner will conduct a test.

The University will reach out to SCU community members identified as close contacts of a student (symptomatic or not) who has tested positive for COVID-19 to encourage them to quarantine and seek testing.

We do not expect serological (antibody) testing to be available on campus during spring quarter. Serological testing can indicate past infection, and potential future immunity, but it does not demonstrate a current, active infection. We will continue to monitor COVID-19 testing methods as they develop, and make new options available when feasible and beneficial to the campus community. 

Isolation and Quarantine for Positive or Suspected Cases

If a student lives on campus and is suspected of having COVID-19, they will be tested and required to quarantine in their residence hall for 14 days pending test results. Suitemates must also take a COVID-19 test and quarantine for 14 days pending test results.

If the student lives on campus and tests positive, they will be required to isolate at St. Clare Hall for 10 days after symptom onset and resolution of symptoms for at least 1 day without use of fever-reducing medicine. Asymptomatic individuals who test positive for COVID-19 can return to their campus residence 10 days after their positive test results. Suitemates must be tested and may be required to quarantine for 14 days.

Off-campus students who are suspected of having COVID-19 will be required to quarantine until their test results come in, and to follow protocols for staying isolated in the event the test is positive. It is important for students living in off-campus housing for spring 2021 to have a plan for quarantine or self-isolation away from roommates, should that become necessary. On-campus quarantine/isolation space will be reserved for students who live in campus housing. Students who experience a positive test from an off-campus facility—with or without symptoms, no matter where they live—are asked to report their situation to 408-554-5100.