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Board of Trustees Meeting, February 2018

Meeting Highlights

On February 9, the Board of Trustees met on campus for our Winter Meeting. As we do each year at the Winter Meeting, the Board approved a budget for the next fiscal year. I am pleased to report that the FY18-19 budget includes a 3% merit increase.  Details about the budget will be presented at the Budget Forum on Tuesday, February 20 at 12:00 p.m. in the California Mission Room. The Trustees also approved the conferral of degrees for the Class of 2018 as recommended by the Trustee Academic Affairs Committee. 

Part of the meeting was dedicated to reviewing a set of action plans that address topics such as engagement with Silicon Valley and implementation of digital technology. Members of the Cabinet and I crafted the plans as an outcome of the previous board meeting. Other reports included an overview of the endowment by John Kerrigan, Chief Investment Officer; a presentation on the comprehensive campaign by Jim Lyons and Trustee Jeff Miller; an update on the Board of Regents from Bryan Neider; highlights of the Faculty Senate by Bill Sundstrom, President of the Faculty Senate; and a summary of student activities by ASG President Jack Herstam.  Following the meeting, the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, the Staff Senate Executive Committee, and the chairs of the University Policy Committees joined the trustees for lunch.