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Strategic Objectives


Advisory committees convened in the winter and spring quarters of 2013 to develop strategic objectives that would provide the foundation for Santa Clara University to achieve six strategic goals by 2020. Committees proposed a set of compelling, concrete, and realistic objectives to advance the University, along with quantifiable metrics to support each of the working goals. Their work was central to the Elaborated Strategic Plan, one of the three plans that make up the Santa Clara 2020, the University's new Integrated Strategic Plan.


Each committee, one for each strategic goal, included faculty and staff from across the University and was staffed by Lisa Millora (Office of the Provost). The asterisk denotes the committee facilitator.

Santa Clara University will transform students' lives through a personalized Jesuit education that integrates rigorous study with high-impact experiential learning.

Blake de Maria (Art/Art History)*

Chris Bachen (Communication)

Matthew Duncan (Student Life)

Silvia Figueria (Computer Engineering)

Phil Kesten (UG Studies/Physics/RLCs)

Leilani Miller (Honors Program/Biology)

Susan Popko (Global Engagement)

Jack Treacy, S.J. (Campus Ministry)

Santa Clara University will cultivate within its students the knowledge, skills, ethical reasoning, global perspective, and desire to help fashion a more humane, just, and sustainable world.

Tom Plante (Psychology)*

Radha Basu (Frugal Innovation Lab)

Kirk Hanson (Markkula Center for Applied Ethics)

Lindsey Kalkbrenner (Sustainability)

Elizabeth Krishnan (Career Center)

Barbara Molony (History, Faculty Senate)

Mike Nuttall (Ignatian Center)

Keith Warner, OFM (Center for Science, Technology, and Society)

Santa Clara University will build on its academic programs and linkages within Silicon Valley to become one of the top educational institutions advancing technological innovation and entrepreneurship in service of humanity.

Amy Shachter (Research and Faculty Affairs)*

Dan Aguiar (Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship)

Elsa Chen (Political Science)

Eric Goldman (Law)

Chris Kitts (Mechanical Engineering)

Thane Kreiner (Center for Science, Technology, and Society)

Jason Rodriguez (University Relations)

Elspeth Rossetti (Career Center)

Drew Starbird (Business)

Santa Clara University will become one of the nation's leading universities advancing Catholic theological studies, education, and ministry.

Gary Macy (Religious Studies)*

Paul Crowley, S.J. (Religious Studies)

Kristin Heyer (Religious Studies)

Nick Ladany (Education and Counseling Psychology)

Theresa Ladrigan-Whelpley (Ignatian Center)

Julie Claire Landry (Campus Ministry)

Tom Massaro, S.J. (Jesuit School of Theology)

Cecilia Titizano (Jesuit School of Theology)

Santa Clara University will recruit and graduate a broadly diverse community of highly talented students while striving to make a Santa Clara education more affordable.

Lester Deanes (Student Life)*

Ron Danielson (Information Services)

Sandra Hayes (Enrollment)

Erin Kimura-Walsh (LEAD Scholars)

Laura Nichols (Sociology)

Margaret Russell (Law)

Rich Toomey (Financial Aid)

Santa Clara University will grow in national reputation as an outstanding university with distinctive programs of excellence inspired by Jesuit educational values.

Chad Raphael (Communication)*

Phyllis Brown (Undergraduate Studies)

Dan Coonan (Athletics and Recreation)

Rich Giacchetti (Office of Marketing and Communications)

Staci Gustafson (Athletics)

Kathy Kale (Alumni)

Godfrey Mungal (Engineering)

Mike Sexton (Enrollment Management)

Meir Statman (Finance)