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Adjunct Faculty and Lecturer Information

Information for Adjunct Faculty and Lecturers

To promote clarity and transparency, we have assembled information related to adjunct lecturer, renewable-term lecturer and senior lecturer appointments at Santa Clara University. This page will be updated from time to time.

A Lecturer Resource Guide is available from the Office of Faculty Development.  The Guide provides quick information on appointment types, evaluation procedures, ongoing career development programs and helpful information on topics such as parking.

A Task Force on Lecturer Best Practices was recently established by the University Coordinating Committee.  The Task Force will investigate best practices for Lecturers (Senior Lecturers, Renewable-Term Lecturers, and Academic Year Adjunct Lecturers) at other universities in the areas of hiring protocols, job stability, service expectations, respect and resources. Task Force members include Jes Kuczenski (Task Force Chair; Engineering), Glenn Appleby (Mathematics and Computer Science), Prashanth Asuri (Bioengineering), Stephen Carroll (English), Amy Shachter (Provost's Office), and Graeme Warren (Operations Management and Information Systems.

Adjunct faculty, lecturer and senior lecturer appointments are described in the Faculty Handbook.

Processes for hiring adjunct faculty at SCU are rooted in the University’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.  

Security of employment - Santa Clara University values and is increasing benefits-eligible academic year, multi-year and renewable term faculty positions. This year, we will create new academic year adjunct lecturer (AYAL) positions by consolidating teaching assignments of five or more courses so that more AYAL faculty can receive benefits over the year. 

Funding opportunities and professional development opportunities are available to adjunct faculty and Lecturers. Adjunct Faculty and Lecturers are eligible for the following grants:

University Research grants (assistant professors have highest priority for these grants)

University Teaching grants

FSRAP (Faculty-Student Research Assistant Program) grants

Teaching and Technology Innovation Grants

Learning Spaces Innovation Grants

Lecturer Professional Development grants  are available for Lecturers and Senior Lecturers.

A new AYAL Professional Development grant program is available for academic-year adjunct lecturers.