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Core Curriculum

Core Committees

Fifteen Faculty Core Committees (FCCs) are responsible for reviewing course syllabi which are submitted by faculty to meet specific Core requirements. Thus, faculty shape the Core Curriculum through the exchange of ideas and their interpretation of learning goals and objectives.


Cultures and Ideas 1 & 2
  • John Hawley, chair, English (term ends 06/2019)
  • Andrea Pappas, Art History (term ends 06/2019)
  • Naomi Andrews, History (term ends 06/2020)
  • Lee Panich, Anthropology (term ends 06/2019)
  • Hans Boepple, Music (sabbatical 2017-18; term ends 06/2019)
Cultures and Ideas 3  
  • Sharmila Lodhia, chair, Women's and Gender Studies (term ends 06/2020)
  • Lisa Kealhofer, Anthropology (sabbatical Fall 2017; term ends 06/2020)
  • Susan Popko, Global Engagement (by appointment)
  • Pancho Jimenez, Art and Art History (term ends 06/2018)
  • Rohit Chopra, Communication (term ends 06/2018)
Writing (Critical Thinking & Writing and Advanced Writing)
  • Robert Michalski, chair, English (by appointment)
  • Theresa Conefrey, English (term ends 06/2020)
  • Blake deMaria, Art and Art History (term ends 06/2018)
  • Janice Edgerly-Rooks, Biology (term ends 06/2019)
  • Denise Krane, English (term ends 06/2019) 
  • Gail Gradowski, Library (term ends 06/2019)
Religion, Theology, & Culture
  • David Gray, chair, Religious Studies (term ends 06/2018)
  • Rob Scholla, Religious Studies (term ends 06/2020)
  • Fred Parella, Religious Studies (term ends 06/2019)
  • Don Riccomini, English (term ends 06/2019)
  • Farid Senzai, Political Science (term ends 06/2019)  
  • Frank Farris, chair, Math (term ends 06/2019)
  • Robert Bekes, Mathematics & Computer Science (term ends 06/2018)
  • Jim Grainger, Biology (term ends 06/2019)
Second Language
  • Catherine Montfort, chair, Modern Languages and Literatures (term ends 06/2019)
  • Josef Hellebrandt, Modern Language and Literatures (term ends 06/2020)
  • William Greenwalt, Classics (term ends 06/2018)
  • Christopher Kulp, chair, Philosophy (term ends 06/2020)
  • David DeCosse, Markkula Center for Applied Ethics (by appointment)
  • Ron Hansen, English (term ends 06/2018)
  • Brian Buckley, Philosophy (term ends 06/2019)
  • Gail Kirby, Marketing (term ends 06/2019)
  • Shannon Vallor, Philosophy (sabbatical Fall 2017; term ends 06/2020)
  • Scot Hanna-Weir, chair, Music (term ends 06/2020)
  • Michael Zampelli, Theater and Dance (term ends 06/2020)
  • Chad Raphael, Communication (term ends 06/2018)
  • Marilyn Edelstein, English (term ends 06/2020)
  • Takeshi Moro, Studio Art (term ends 06/2019)
  • Laura Ellingson, chair, Women's and Gender Studies (term ends 06/2020)
  • Renee Billingslea, Art and Art History (term ends 06/2020)
  • Anna Sampaio, Ethnic Studies (by appointment)
  • James Lai, Ethnic Studies (term ends 06/2018)
  • Michael Kevane, Economics (term ends 06/2019)
  • Linda Garber, Women's and Gender Studies (by appointment)
Natural Science
  • Steven Fedder, chair, Chemistry and Biochemistry (term ends 06/2019)
  • Chris Weber, Physics (term ends 06/2018)
  • Elizabeth Dahlhoff, Biology (term ends 06/2020)
  • Mary Long, Math (term ends 06/2020)
  • Iris Stewart-Frey, Environmental Studies (term ends 06/2019)
Social Science
  • Jane Curry, chair, Political Science (term ends 06/2020)
  • Goncalo Pina, Economics (term ends 06/2020)
  • Tom Plante, Psychology (term ends 06/2018)
  • Tony Hazard, Ethnic Studies (term ends 06/2019)
Civic Engagement
  • Carol Gittens, chair, Child Studies (term ends 06/2020)
  • Kris Mitchener, Economics (term ends 06/2020)
  • Aldo Billingslea, Theatre & Dance (term ends 06/2019)
  • Sarita Tamayo-Moraga, Religious Studies (term ends 06/2019)
Science, Technology, & Society
  • Kathy Aoki, chair, Art and Art History (term ends 06/2020)
  • John Birmingham, Physics (term ends 06/2020)
  • Angel Islas, Biology (term ends 06/2018)
  • Virginia Matzek, Environmental Studies (term ends 06/2019)
  • Tonya Nilsson, Civil Engineering (term ends 06/2019)
Experiential Learning for Social Justice
  • Barbara Kelley, chair, Communication (term ends 06/2019)
  • Christopher Bacon, Environmental Studies and Sciences (term ends 06/2018)
  • Sally Wood, Electrical Engineering (term ends 06/2020)
  • Andrea Brewster, ex officio, Undergraduate Studies (by appointment)
  • Jennifer Merritt, ex officio, Ignatian Center (by appointment)
  • Tammy Madsen, Management (term ends 06/2019)
  • Drazen Fabris, chair, Mechanical Engineering (term ends 06/2020)
  • Christine Bachen, Communication (by appointment)
  • Helen Popper, Economics (term ends 06/2018)
  • Laurie Poe, Mathematics & Computer Science (term ends 06/2018)
  • Terri Peretti, Political Science (sabbatical Fall 2016; term ends 06/2019) 
  • Hsin-I Cheng, Communication (term ends 06/2019)

* In some cases the liaison from the Core Curriculum Implementation Team will serve as committee member and chair. In other cases the committee will select one of the members to serve as chair. Additional members may be added to some committees.

2017-2018 Core Curriculum Committee Members
James Bennett Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies and Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Katharine Heintz Director of the Core Curriculum, Chair of the Core Curriculum Committee and Senior Lecturer, Communication Department
Philip Kesten Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies and Associate Professor of Physics
Christine Bachen Director of Assessment and Associate Professor of Communication
Kathleen Villarruel Schneider Senior Assistant Dean for the College of Arts & Sciences
Steven Fedder
Sr Lecturer, Chemistry & Biochemistry Department
Pre-Health Advisor, Drahmann Advising and Learning Resources Center
John Hawley Professor, English Department