Core Curriculum

Essay Submissions

In addition to using your e-campus account to declare a Pathway, all students will use e-Campus to submit their Pathway materials (essay and supporting assignments) for evaluation.

On your e-Campus account you’ll see a link to the Pathway Submission process. Once you have completed enough Pathways courses to write your essay (at least two) and 100 units, you will be eligible to submit your reflection essay and supporting assignments through this system.  Since the system is linked with your e-Campus ID, the submission system will already have information about the Pathway in which you’ve enrolled and the courses you’ve taken for that Pathway.  All you have to do is upload your Reflection Essay and the supporting class assignments. If necessary, you will be able to submit information about additional courses in the Pathway.

In short, the steps for completing the Pathway requirement at SCU are very simple:

  • Use e-Campus to declare or change a Pathway
  • Review the Pathway reflection essay prompt, Tips for Students, and the rubric that will be used to evaluate your essay.
    Review your coursework from your Pathway courses, identifying at least two assignments you’ll use as supporting materials.
  • Visit the HUB Writing Center for help revising your essay; aim to have the essay represent your achievements as a Santa Clara graduate.
  • Use e-Campus to submit your Pathway reflection essay and supporting materials.
  • After submission, you’ll receive email notification of whether you have passed the Pathway requirement or must resubmit your essay. (You would use e-Campus for resubmission as well.)


The Hub has writing partners who will review drafts of Pathway essays or talk with you as you're getting started. 

Some students were enrolled in Camino Pathway groups during 2011-12. You can continue to use your Camino Pathway group as a place to save your coursework. However, you will now submit your work through the e-Campus Pathwy Submission system. You may disregard any previous instructions about submitting through Camino.

You can reach University advisors in the Drahmann Advising Center at 408-554-4318 or with any additional questions.

We also recommend you talk with your academic advisor about your selection of a Pathway and other questions you may have. 

You must submit your essay by your petition to graduate:

December 2018 Graduates: Due October 5, 2018
March 2019 Graduates: Due January 25, 2019
June 2019 Graduates: Due February 22, 2019
September 2019 Graduates: Due April 26, 2019

Please consult the Registrar's website for graduation petition deadlines.