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Core Curriculum

Student Experiences

  • Zachary Milkis

    Zach Milkis has always been dedicated to civic engagement and social justice, and was involved with the Santa Clara Community Action Program (SCCAP) through all four years of his Santa Clara career. Bringing these passions to the classroom, Milkis also sought out courses that would supplement and enhance his interests.

  • Elizabeth Draeger

    For Lizzy Draeger, her Pathway was much more than solely an academic requirement. Through a combination of interdisciplinary courses and a focus on questions that encourage students to discover meaning in their work, the Vocation Pathway guided Draeger to her passion for the performing arts.

  • Henry Olson

    Henry Olson unintentionally stumbled upon a new direction through his selection of the Design Thinking Pathway. Originally selecting it because of its ease of completion while in the business program, Henry found over time that Design Thinking courses not required for the OMIS major would open new opportunities for learning.

  • Connor Schwab

    Renee Billingslea's course, ARTS 151: Exploring Society Through Photography offers students the opportunity to explore social issues through the use of photography, augmented by weekly community-based learning (CBL) experiences. The focus of the course on both art and social justice provides a meaningful and personal learning experience.

  • Missi Giorgi

    Since high school, Missy Giorgi has known that she wanted to do social work. She also had a passion for learning Spanish and about Latin America, as well as a curiosity about the environment. At Santa Clara, she channeled her diverse interests into a demanding course load: a double major in sociology and Spanish and a double minor in environmental studies and Latin American studies.

  • John Judnich

    For John Judnich, the Pathways essay entails a valuable aspect of education: interdisciplinary learning that integrates students' various interests and encourages them to consider and reflect on what they have learned in their four years of undergraduate study. Through the "Design Thinking" Pathway, he connected the technical and scientific aspects of engineering with the creativity required in the artistic process to explain how "Design Thinking" is more than just an application of engineering theories.

  • Terra Oldham

    Terra Oldham always knew that she was interested in learning about more than just the technical side of engineering. In the process of selecting her Pathway, "Values in Science & Technology," and writing her reflection essay, she discovered the importance of integrating the theories she studied in class with the societies and cultures that she would impact with her projects.

  • Jessica Reiner

    Jessica Reiner '13 always knew she wanted to take classes that not only fulfilled requirements for her major but also interested her, even if that meant taking an extra class during a term. After taking an Introduction to Philosophy class with Professor Brian Buckley during her sophomore year, she “fell in love with the subject.” Since then, has continued to enroll in ethics and philosophy courses outside of her major.