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Faculty Unionization

The decision to accept or reject group representation by the SEIU is up to the bargaining unit, and we uphold their right to pursue this decision through the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), given the protections and procedures afforded all parties through the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). 

As this process continues, it is vital that every member of the bargaining unit has their voice heard through their vote. This historic decision will be made by the MAJORITY OF THOSE WHO VOTE, not the majority of the bargaining unit. 

Remember, no one can tell you how to vote – it is your choice and your choice alone. The University, the organizing committee, and the SEIU are all prohibited from asking you how you plan to vote or intimidating/pressuring you in any way. Every vote will be by secret mailed ballot and counted by a third party. Your vote will be confidential.

We will keep the Santa Clara University community updated about important dates and deadlines regarding unionization through this website and other communications.

Collaborative Governance Accomplishments
The University believes our collaborative governance model continues to be the best approach towards building a world-class university where all our faculty can build meaningful careers and share in our Jesuit mission.
Market adjustments for senior lecturers, renewable-term lecturers, and adjunct faculty
Increase in per course rate for adjunct faculty in the past 5 years
Merit pool increases in the past 2 years
New renewable-term faculty lines in the past 8 years
A Historic Decision Needs Your Vote
As you decide whether to vote for or against the unionization of our non-tenure-track faculty, we want you to have clear answers to important questions, remind you of what we continue to achieve together through collaborative governance, and make sure you understand how the election process will work.

We want to hear from you. What questions, concerns, or ideas do you have? Submit your feedback via Google Form.