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Political Science

Mission Statement

We aim to excel as teachers and scholars who promote learning for ourselves, our students, other scholars, and the public. We endeavor to produce graduates who are knowledgeable and inquisitive about the traditions, theories, and methodologies of political science; skilled in critical thinking; informed and conscientiously engaged as citizens; and aware of career and service opportunities related to politics.


Goals & Objectives

1. Analytical Skills

  • Demonstrate an understanding of political science theories/models and an ability to apply them to the analysis of concepts, texts, policies, or institutions across the multiple subfields of political science.

2. Information Literacy Skills

  • Demonstrate the ability to find information and scholarship on political issues, as well as to evaluate the accuracy of those materials.

3. Research Skills

  • Demonstrate the ability to formulate clear research questions and to answer them through the collection and interpretation of qualitative and/or quantitative data.

4. Writing Skills

  • Develop effective written arguments that are grammatically correct, make appropriate use of evidence, and demonstrate sensitivity to audience and opposing perspectives.

5. Presentation Skills

  • Create effective oral presentations that are poised, engaging, and make appropriate use of technology.

6. Civic Engagement Skills

  • Demonstrate increased skills in civic engagement through active learning in the classroom and/or experiential learning outside the classroom