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Mission, Goals, and Objectives

The Department of Sociology offers course of study that exposes cutting edge sociological ideas and foundations to prepare students to enter graduate school or pursue other professional opportunities.  Santa Clara promotes sociological perspectives and insights that are applicable to our own lives. Students also gain a ‚Äúsociological imagination‚ÄĚ that unveils a greater understanding of the social forces and processes that shape our societies and influence socialization, institutions, cultures, and individual decisions.

Santa Clara Sociology students are challenged, through rigorous coursework and experiential learning,

  • to apply evidence-based solutions in business, public sector, human service, and community contexts to promote the common good,
  • to understand the forces of change and resistance to change in an increasingly diverse society,
  • to pursue methodologically and theoretical sophisticated research to reflect about social problems today, and
  • to critically examine the complex social and cultural realities that shape the human condition.